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Olivia J. Laird is a visual artist and filmmaker producing work ranging from narrative film, video art, digital music production, projection, creative writing and screenwriting. Her favorite color is Glitter and she is an avid collector of milk crates.

Sarah Martino is a fartist. She makes objects, collages and videos and is currently working towards her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Charly Warden is a first year college student, intern at videovideozine, and a video artist. They used to be a guns-blazing dog lover, but as they grow older they have met nice cats as well as rude dogs, and are no longer so sure.

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Claire Jade Wong is always thinking about what to eat next. They like to watch cooking ASMR videos. Their favorite squishy is the slow-rising squishy. DM them @claireb0ng or e-mail them at








Emily Eddy is a film, video, and digital media artist and curator based in Chicago, IL. She graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013, where she received her Bachelors in Fine Arts. Combining many different forms of moving image, her work utilizes strategies of video diaries, archival practices, and experimental documentaries. She has been curating film, video, and new media works at the "rough and ready" Nightingale Cinema in Chicago since 2013, and she is currently the distribution assistant at the Video Data Bank.

Emily has shown work and programmed screenings at many venues in Chicago, as well as her hometown, Portland, OR, Reykjavik, Iceland, and various mid-western cities.

Zachary Hutchinson (b. 1991) comes to art through costume making, make up, theater, video making and an obsessive attention to image and transgressive affect. She received her BFA at from SAIC and is a MFA candidate at UIC. She has had works shown in Montreal, Mexico City, San Francisco, CA, Austin, TX, Berlin, Germany, Athens, Greece and extensively in Chicago IL. She created in 2013.

Jared Kelley is a writer, performer, and video artist from Atlanta, GA based in Chicago, IL. His work focuses on distressingly uncomfortable meditative environments, repetition, and sleepy audience immersion. He studied Environment Design at the College of Fine Art at the University of New South Wales in Paddington, Australia and Fine Art at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.

He has exhibited visual work and performance in Atlanta and Chicago, USA, Seoul, South Korea, Sydney, Australia, and Seyðisfjörður, Iceland. He is one founding half of the performance collaborative, Queersar, and he is currently dancing indefinitely in outer space.


Mission Statement

☆Video! Video! Zine is devoted to obtaining visibility for moving image makers. Through monthly open calls, we motivate and encourage makers to participate, no matter what skill level or knowledge of moving image. We also hope to inspire through monthly guest curated “5 videos you must see” and interviews of moving image makers who need a spotlight.

☆By doing this Video! Video! Zine hopes to become an accessible submission-based Internet archive of amazing moving images from around the world.



☆Provide visibility for moving image makers

☆Create an accessible platform for people of all educational backgrounds

☆Never establish a hierarchy in work shown based on gender, color, status, ability etc.

☆No hierarchy within the site, therefore prizes will never be allotted



☆Video! Video! will never request information of gender, race, ability/disability or age on submission.

☆Video! Video! will ever request CV or resume.

☆One submission per person / collaboration per month. Collaborators may submit videos individually in addition to their collaborative work.

☆Each submission must have at least 50 words written about it.



In 2013 Zachary Hutchinson worked with Church of Templehead Gallery to create Video! Video! A VHS Zine. The main goal of this project was to showcase video work in a cheap and archival medium outside of the Internet. Our project motivated makers to participate no matter what skill or education level and brought visibility to a broad community of artists.

So after 3 successful episodes of Video! Video! A VHS Zine, Hutchinson decided to turn to the Internet and create an accessible platform for moving image makers around the world! Video! Video! Zine was born!

Check out the first comercial for Video! Video! A VHS Zine below



The rubric is under constant flux as it should be. Picking and choosing isn't fun but to create a consumable website it is neccesary. To lessen the subjectivity of choice and to create an even playing field, Video! Video! Zine will strive to have a wide range of jurors.

Each submission will be viewed by at least 4 jurors. Each juror will fill out a form anonymously ranking the work.Acknowledging the rubric before you submit will be helpful, so please take a look.

Download rubric here.