Oomph and Omnipotence – September 2017

Bottom Aspirations Ep. 03 – Leftovers
by Zach Hill

CW: Nudity, Sexual Content

01 minute 45 seconds, Philadelphia, PA USA, 2017

"Several queers venture into the woods on a warm spring day in Bottom Aspirations Ep. 03- Leftovers. 

Bottom Aspirations is a series of experimental videos that explore everyday encounters, fantasies, and daydreams. Each brief episode builds on the last to create a running subconscious narrative. "


“Eisenhower’s Farewell Address” Circumspect
by Katie Raffa

CW: None

15 minutes 45 seconds, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 2014

President Eisenhower's famous farewell address on the military industrial complex is just as relevant today as it was in 1961. To update the speech for the modern attention span, I have superimposed the video on a Macbook.


Upon A Star
by Holly Lay

CW: None

40 seconds, Las Vegas, NV, USA, 2017

The series In Dreams feature video sketches, imagery created from dreams, digital glitches and inspiration from viral phenomenon. These often short videos are inspired by modern media and blending it with media from the past. Our reality has become reedited scraps from our history, creating an almost schizophrenic feeling.


God Is Working His Purpose Out
by Dan Black

CW: None

pw: paperghost

09 minutes 48 seconds, Milwaukee, WI, USA, 2017

A warning from the future. A dream triggers memories. A paper ghost, self portraits, and even I show up to work my purpose out.


To Need
by Precious

CW: None

01 minutes 58 seconds, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2016

To Need is a music video from the Precious Child album ESCAPE.  Images were captured by artist Yonderpuss and processed/edited by Precious.  Deaggregation and dissolution.


Everything Turns…
by Aaron Zeghers

CW: None

pw: 24fps60bpm

12 minutes 12 seconds, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 2016

A shorthand study of the mythology of numbers, from 1 to 12. Scientific tradition is adopted then eschewed for rumours, legends and defunct theories from across the ages. The camera pens a year-long record of space, movement and the passing of time in historic locations around the world. This almanac of anthropomorphic numerology is recorded in-camera onto Super 8, using open exposure photography, light painting, light table animation, paper animation, hand drawn animation and more. Just like Richter nearly 100 years ago, we will discover that everything turns, everything revolves and everything feels the deep score of time.


Docent to Feral Women
by Nico Larsen

CW: None

02 minutes 45 seconds, Missoula, MT, USA, 2017

"Maybe roundness is experiencing things in their immediacy. A circle is a preoccupation with death and a trigger for experience. 
Language is, of course, a force in it’s own right and it affects how individuals in a society conceive and perceive reality. But how do you undo the meat of the body? Or should it not be undone, but accepted? Yes. Acceptance of the body as meat is the goal. It’s fine and natural to be exposed as meat so long as you are coming from the place of a circle rather than a hierarchy. "


Syrupy Self-Flagellation At The Shrine Of The Banana Crucifix
by Taj Bourgeois

CW: Nudity

01 minutes 50 seconds, Portland, Oregon, USA, 2015

"27 Lashes" @ Surplus Space

hex color
by KT Hawbaker-Krohn

CW: None

03 minutes 31 seconds, Chicago, IL, USA, 2017

hex color is an experimental essay that scrapes at gendered issues of queer time and color. It is semi-autobiographical and personifies Pink hue as both a villain and friend. The work began as a written piece but demanded richer visuals to convey its fullest meaning meaning.


by Stephanie E. Creaghan

CW: None

02 minutes 46 seconds, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2017

The word sec means dry in French; it is also my initials, S.E.C. The term dry in English can refer to the experience of navigating life in the absence of substance use/abuse, but with the same addictive behavior, as in, a dry drunk. Two years ago I quit drinking; this is a video about what it's like to live when a layer of perceived protection is removed.