#interpersonalrelationshipgoals – June, 2017

Pettra and Friends
by Zeynep Aslanoba

CW: None

07 minutes 24 seconds, Turkey, 2016

Stop-motion animation of a semi-mystical character Pettra and the people that she interacts with.  This is a sincere video about the importance of chilling and the art of creating unique moments with other people. It is also about the unique beauty of being alone and really enjoying it, given the right circumstances.

by Precious

CW: None

56 seconds, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2016

"Artist's Statement regarding ""My Little Problem"" as an experiential music video. 
 Extreme stimuli provoked my entity, I found definition of my nature.  I embraced dissolution of my body, I understand why I exist."


Walking with myself (05)
by Crystal Heidenbf

CW: None

06 minutes 15 seconds, Milford, CT USA, 2015

This is an attempt to reinsert myself into a place and action that I have already been. I am interested in licating myself in two locations at once. In an attept to revist the past in the present I erode both. 


Two Very Good Friends
by Johnny Malloy

CW: None

06 minutes 43 seconds, Portland, OR, USA, 2015

Two outstanding friends go on a walk in the fourth dimension and learn what it means to mean so much to another. Being there for your friends transcends time and space. These are two very good friends.


by Carla Uriarte

CW: None

03 minutes 51 seconds, Sydney, NSW, AUS, 2016

Tel aviv artist The Kloom provide a smokey sound that is brought to life with carla uriarte's frame by frame stop motion animation. Carla manually draws each frame thinking about movement and the journey between point A to B. This video brings the viewer on a surrealist ride of cubism and the feelings of " whats the point" which is directly influenced by the lyrics of the song as well as the song artists name " The Kloom" which means " The Nothing." 


Baby Wonderland
by Abby Lloyd

CW: Baby Butts

02 minutes 09 seconds, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 2013

"Baby Wonderland, appropriates found footage of John Mayer performing an unplugged version of Your Body is a Wonderland spliced with clips of various diaper commercials. Challenging social conventions, Lloyd uses the viewer’s own culturally constructed beliefs against themselves. A mother’s caress is turned on its head against the backdrop of Mayer’s pseudo sexual anthem." ~ Colleen Grennan, Cleopatra's Gallery, NYC


My Little Problem
by Precious, Cade

CW: Nudity

04 minutes 05 seconds, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2016

My Little Problem, a music video from Precious Child is a self-funded collaboration between the artist Precious and the director Cade.  The statement is "define yourself, eliminate the synthetic self, explore your nature, and understand liberation"  The video utilizes mixed format visual media, with footage that we shot and CGI art created by Cade for this project. 


Sunset Thai En Tamaulipas
by Galia

CW: None

06 minutes 35 seconds, Mexico City, Mexico, 2017

Sunset Thai in Tamaulipas is a series of videos about going to unchartered places in Mexico City and documenting the ephemeral experiences in between.


My Friend Will Be Me / Episode 3: Mate
by Joey Scher

CW: None

02 minutes 33 seconds, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2017

"My Friend Will Be Me / Episode 3: Mate" is part of a YouTube series that I created in the Fall of 2015. I crafted these characters to play the role of my filmic friends. I privately embody the director, actors, and editor, but let the inanimate people do most of the work. Bud, Pal, and Mate do not exist when they are not performing for the camera. 
Episode 3 is the last of the formal introductions of these characters. I present to you, Mate! Who is mimicking who? 2


mother, you are an eternal blessing
by Johnn

CW: None

06 minutes 55 seconds, Portland, OR, USA, 2017

A boy and his dog coming of age. Call your mom! Don't wet the bed!