My Body, My Self – May 2017

by Natalia Monakhova

CW: None

10 min 03 sec, Moscow, Russia, 2016

Our everyday life consists mostly of routines. On the one hand routine is southing. It gives a feeling of safety. Many people get to cleaning or cooking in order to calm down and overcome emotional turmoil. On the other hand it is frustrating. You tell yourself that you will use your time more productively: start reading a book you have long wanted to read, grow a garden on your balcony or go to a dance school etc. But then old routines overwhelm new intentions. One of the most characteristic features of routine is its ambivalence. And you can never tell when an activity becomes routine. Even if it is one of your most favorite activities. Can art also become a kind of routine? If, for example, you have to go to the openings several times a week. Or is art so absorbing that it helps to overcome any other kind of routine? Making art out of everyday life I create poetic routine and try to reconcile with its ambivalent character.

Flip flops dry off
by Erin Hayden

CW: None

8 min 47 sec, USA, 2016

The best and worst parts of summer

by Mochi aGoGo

CW: None

34 sec, Portland, OR, USA, 2016

one time i went on tinder and super liked a person who also super liked me and when we met up she said she only had one thing in mind. we went outside it was very hot and we shoved cold spaghetti into each others panties and made boomerangs. later she was asked to be on mtv true life "i'm an adult baby" and the film crew filmed us as we filmed ourselves making out with mouthfuls of milk. i like how she tastes without milk but she tastes good with milk too.

Public Perspective
by Crystal Beiersdorfer

CW: None

02 min 00 sec, Chicago, IL, USA, 2015

Digital culture is constantly altering the definition of what it means to be a "beautiful" woman, with the worshipping and glorification of the proper thigh gap, hipbone protrusion, exaggerated collarbone, etc. The female body is relentlessly being mutilated through digital software and, as a result, the female psyche is being attacked. This can become quite destructive to an individual’s identity and self-worth. Through the practice of digitally manipulating the female physique, women are being demeaned as purely sexual objects where her genitalia is more cherished than her intellect and contributions to society. This series of videos is currently being created to visually explain the destructive nature of the female consciousness as a result of modern culture’s definition of what is "pretty." These videos use color, sound and drastic manipulation of the female body to convey this concern. Public Perspective deals with the literal manipulation and creation of the female body as a sex object.

by Grace Mitchell

CW: None

07 min 47 sec, Milwaukee, WI, USA, 2015

YARDS includes the lives of many individuals who invent their environment slightly through toil and imagination. By doing so, they alter themselves and their possessions to suit the mind's play while also interacting with the inevitable reality of space.

Big Guy: Test Sequences
by Lucas Reif, Danny Townsend

CW: Some partial nudity, sexual themes

09 min 43 sec, Chicago, IL, USA, 2017

A series of test training sequences. Project produced by the Chicago subdivision of Big Guy™ Inc. An exploration of power, movement, and the ideal body through forms of enhancement. Try these training sequences on your own for 100% Guaranteed Killer Results! That's the Big Guy™ promise.

dikes and fissure volcanoes to watch out for
by anja morell

CW: no

password: erogeo

02 min 24 sec, Chicago, IL USA, 2016

This is an informational erotic geology video. Change can be good, open up and let it flow. A dyke is a dike is a dyke is a dike.

by D S Chapman

CW: partial nudity

04min 01sec, Dallas, TX, USA, 2016

Through a reflective performance, the artist alludes to the reparative nature of transitioning their body. Confronted with a subtle, visual break with reality, the viewer is asked to navigate and mitigate their relationship to the perceived trauma that has been done, and is being subsequently undone in the video.

by Grace Mitchell

CW: None

03 min 41 sec, Milwaukee, WI, USA, 2014

self as a container. self as a sifter. self as another.

Happy 19th!!!
by Wayne P. Tate Jr.

CW: depression, unreality, mental illness, brief mention of sexual assault, brief nudity

10 min 21 sec, Chicago, IL, USA, 2016

The cultivation of a mental illness manifesto; Gemini season changes me each year. "Happy 19th!!!" marks the end of my severe depressive episode in 2016 and memorializes the depressive period following a trip to Italy and the turmoil of an ended relationship.