Drama Class, April 2017


Baby Shower
by Cricket Arrison

CW: none

04 minutes 57 seconds, Baltimore, MD, 2017

Three very nice ladies sit together at the end of a very beautiful baby shower. Everything was so nice. It really was super nice. 

Another’s Window
by Grace Mitchell

CW: none

06 minutes 50 seconds, Milwaukee, WI, 2016

The characters of this film objectify their human traits in order to communicate ideas that are perhaps too difficult to convey otherwise: the loneliness that company cannot diminish & the anxiety of mortality.

But Who Will Be Famous, When We Are Dead?

by Sid Branca

CW: none

04 minutes 54 seconds Chicago, IL and LA, CA, 2016

What is the relationship between fame and death? If the Web is a 'net, what is it designed to catch? Is The Lion King the best film adaptation of Hamlet? 

My Favorite Room
by I. Benedetti

CW: none

03 minutes 03 seconds Chicago, IL, 2016

Through the assimilation of the possibilities presented to me by the internet and it's incorporation into my daily life a lot of my existence has become abstract. By humanizing a computer voice by giving it my own experiences and personality I try to accept this medium as an extension of reality. This reality and the different sections of it then become the different rooms of what makes my home. This is my favorite room.

Drinks Get Spilled, But That’s an Accident
by Weird Paul Petroskey 

CW: none

01 minutes 40 seconds Pittsburgh, PA, 1984

In 1984, my sister spilled a pina colada-flavored Daily's Little Hug™ on my brother's head.  It was an accident.  I had the foresight to document the aftermath.

by Sonia C

CW: none

00 minutes 10 seconds Chicago, IL and Hong Kong, 2016

I overthink a lot and as a result I become super self-conscious in what I say and do in addition to being wary of my non native English speaker accent. The idea of laughing at thyself before others laugh at me comes partly from the proverbs I was scold at by Asian relatives as a kid, and from my contradicting Gemini Sun, Rising, Mercury signs. The text is constructed in CYMK colours to present a seemingly joyful frame of mind while all the choices made in the creative process were deliberately chosen generically.
paperbridgeee.com (coming soon!)

Hingst Gloucester
by Andrey Slaschilin

CW: None

02 minutes 31 seconds Moscow, Russia, 2015

As a soundtrack for this video I used an excerpt form King Lear, a tragedy by William Shakespeare. It is read by google translator in a rare not widespread language. The titles are difficult to read because of a peculiar font. The language of the titles is also not common, it’s Somali. So it’s almost impossible to understand what is this text about. For me it is a metaphor of how we perceive Shakespeare today, 400 years later. To get at the meaning of his works is as difficult as to get at the meaning of this video. 
The history is being rewritten, traces of generations before us are being erased. Everything is just an illusion.

by James St Findlay

CW: none

3 minutes 49 seconds Glasgow, Scotland, 2017

This is a selection of footage and sound collected over the last few months. Some of it was taken in Glasgow, some in Berlin. I seem to have a thing about semi introducing a character and then getting rid of them, this is the cutting room floor this is me trying to have fun. I was going to call it 'Goodnight Chicago' but decided "INFINITE HOPEFULNESS" suited my mood better. I'm just trying to stay above water, gotta keep on going!

October Morning, Southern New York
by James Chrzan

CW: none

02 min 31 sec Ridgewood, NY, 2016

On a sunny morning in early October three white-tailed deer stand motionless among the trees.  Meanwhile, less than an hour away, another white-tailed deer cautiously makes its way through the same trees.  What does it mean to be on permanent display?  Do you miss the sound of the forest?

was blind but now
by Ryan Goh

CW: none

05 min 47 sec Chicago, IL, 2016

Faith is acknowledged, questioned, and challenged in a gesture that attempts to redeem these notions that appear contradictory. Where does light become real, remain as illusion, and dissolve as projection? What can be found in the crevices that carve their way precariously between tragedy and hope, or godlessness and spirituality?