Employee of the Month, March 2017


Welcome to My Office
by Jamie Zeske

CW: none

03 minutes 01 seconds, 2011

All applicants who are offered a job with the company will be tested for drugs as part of the post job offer employment screening process. Each state has its own laws regarding pre-employment drug testing, so it is beneficial to know your rights in your respective state. In some states, for example, drug tests are subject to personal health information laws and are therefore limited in the amount of information they can relay to employers.

by Johnny Forever

CW: none

02 minutes 12 seconds, Canada, 2016

This video/performance was created on the skeletal site of a Montreal apartment I had just demolished. The work wraps itself around my often intense day job in construction with reference to other ways I've made wages. Artwork, sex work, and construction work have occupied my time and body to varying degrees over the last decade and this piece was a semi-spontaneous homage to each of those labours.


Drug Test
by Weird Paul Petroskey

CW: none

01 minutes, Pittsburgh/PA/USA, 1989

In 1986, my family was traveling out of state and I brought the video camera. I saw a light up sign on a pharmacy that read DRUG FAIR. I thought it was hilarious, so I filmed it. It became the inspiration for this short film about something that had been in the news back then – drug testing in the workplace – and how far an potential employee might go to get hired.


by Ej Nussbaum

CW: none

01 minutes 43 seconds, Chicago/IL/USA, 2016

Service and Retail work is often comprised of a countless micro-exchanges in a single day, and each interaction is intended to make a customer feel welcomed, appreciated, needed, and cared for. Instructional or Training videos are meant to teach working people how to “connect” with customers: how to smile; how to look; how to show you care with all the violent realities connection entails. “Gratitude” is the first part of “Desperate Creatures,” a series of videos which asks the viewer to consider how emotional labor is a specific form of labor which requires us to exploit our emotions, memories, and bodies.


Sloppy Joe
by Ava Nancy

CW: none

09 minutes 14 seconds, Chicago, IL, USA, 2013

The Employee daydreams on the clock. The Employee is given the task of getting the Boss lunch. The Employee brings back a burger and it becomes Sloppy.


Get MORE Richer Even QUICKER!
by Dennis Mora & Bryan Bankovich

CW: none

03 minutes, Atlanta, GA, USA, 2015

Newmerica Media teaches you how to get even more richer even quicker than before. http://newmerica.tv

Understanding "Hell"
by Grant Tyler

CW: Drug abuse reference

02 minutes 47 seconds, Chicago, IL, USA, 2017

Delivered by a sarcastic, squeaky narrator and sprinkled with some found imagery, "Understanding 'Hell'" is lazily seeking explanations towards millennials' generalized sadness. Drawing on authority relationships from babies to 20-something-year-olds in the work force, Understanding "Hell" guesses that the sadness of millennials is related to undeserved celebrations. This video work is a deflated attempt at social critique.

by Amanda Konkol

CW: none

04 minutes 50 seconds, Chicago, IL, USA, 2015

The actions once existing only to aid in the preparation of a performance, are prolonged and isolated until those actions become the only performance. The performer is left in an endless cycle of revision. The mirror keeps the performer in frame at all times. The performer is unable to assume the role of the objective viewer no matter her location.


by Henry Detweiler

CW: none

02 minutes 16 seconds, Seattle, WA, USA, 2015

I wish I was an accident. I wish your mom wasn't so mad at me. That man is a hero.


Me Time
by Melissa Hespelt

CW: none

02 minutes 27 seconds, Chicago, IL, USA, 2016

Me Time is a landscape of Me, My Selfies, and I. Take a break from reality and dive into a far away fantasyland of ME.