Pity Party!, February 2017


by Emily Sasmor

CW: none

05 minutes, 34 seconds, Chicago IL, USA, 2016

The club is too loud. The beach is too quiet. No one can hear anyone. Two bodies have a bad time.

I hate you, don't leave me
by Jess Darnell

CW: Mental Illness

02 minutes, 01 seconds, Chicago/IL/USA, 2015

About a mental disorder I have. It is called Borderline Personality Disorder. This is my love song to the only thing thats never left me <3

by Anna Ialeggio

CW: none

03 minutes, 33 seconds, Los Angeles CA USA, 2015

Thick with intrigue, slathered with doubt, reupholstered with regret, exploring the onward progression of a Cactus.


Bad Credit Good Moms
by Sally Lawton

CW: food

02 minutes, 21 seconds, Chicago/IL/USA, 2016

This short piece was made after my mother, my aunt, and myself held an estate sale for my childhood home. Our house was foreclosed on and my mom moved to Texas, but the piece, I guess, is trying to relate that none of that was actually so horrible. Even though it's a good backdrop for a pity party I actually have heavy feelings of guilt for allowing myself to feel self pity at the situation.


I Hate Homework
by Weird Paul Petroskey

CW: none

01 minutes, 30 seconds, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 1988

This is a short video I made in 1988 when I was a senior in high school. It was Friday afternoon and I was troubled by the homework I needed to complete over the weekend. I considered the weekend my free time and was very sad that I had homework to do.


Beach Bummed
by Molly Shea

CW: none

03 minutes, 30 seconds, Los Angeles CA, USA, 2016

A video about me dealing with not dealing with my depressive feelings because I live in California and I'm not supposed to be sad in nice weather. The video was shot at Dockweiler Beach, which has a consistent barrage of airplanes flying overhead not to mention medical waste and the occasional beached whale. The audio is Yma Sumac and it is basically a video exposing my inability to be a proper Californian.


by Mary Clare Pelch, Madison The Bunny

CW: none

02 minutes, 58 seconds, Chicago/IL, 2016

First ever collaboration between Mary Clare Pelch and Madison The Bunny. This cutie loves to play in her little space. Watch her jump and jump and jump on the same bed she lost her virginity in.


by Jesse Malmed

CW: none

01 minutes, 06 seconds, Chicago, IL, USA, 2016

What was still there.


by Sarah Banks

CW: food

02 minutes, 34 seconds, Chicago/IL/USA, 2016

Where is everyone? Yellow things, marshmallow cereal, and lots and lots of crying. A not so typical day for your typical hand. Especially when you can not remember the night before, or even how you got there. Follow this lost girl on her aimless quest. At least it's sunny, right?


better than awful (but still pretty shitty)
by Christine Negus

CW: mention of sexual assualt and violence

01 minutes, 51 seconds, London/Ontario?Canada, 2015

better than awful (but still pretty shitty) provides an absurd proposal to cope with trauma. As the narrator makes (futile) suggestions to superficially solace, the work inadvertently and unabashedly laughs in the face of pain and suffering. In this work pain is gain, and fodder for celebration.