People Laughing with Food, December 2016


Peanut Butter Recall
by Weird Paul Petroskey

CW: food

02 minutes, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 2014

I noticed that peanut butter recalls are in the news frequently.  I decided to write, record and produce a video for a song by that name to take advantage of this.  Though the song is about remembering what kinds of peanut butter I've eaten.

What's Cookin'? with Zack Bwaff: Episode One – Omelette
by Zack Bwaff

CW: vomiting

11 minutes, 35 seconds, USA, 2015

Sensational internet chef Zack Bwaff sets out to make an omelette in the most 'natural' way possible.  Without permission to use knives, Zack has to process the omelette with his own body.  The final result is "not that bad."

Come at me with a sandwich
by Crub Crim

CW: food

3 minutes, 47 seconds, Alabama, USA, 2016

i think that first bite is hysterical. in the same way that they exorcised witches. juicy mayo down my brow. if i could frown i would but i am watching a circus cat show. its hilariously inhumane. the glow of warm rye. the hallow attitudes wrapped in crust. i lather myself and squeeze inside. we have surpassed oreo. we are never going to be five dollars foot long we are meant to be eaten. glory comes to those who throw out their plates and grab life by the hands. a sandwich is a ceremony. a prayer for the gods. nurture your alibi. let yourself run free. stepping on toast in the street. when you come back you'll find the shop hasn't changed a bit.

Wild horses couldn't drag me away
by Christine Negus

CW: food

3 minutes, 39 seconds, London, ON, Canada, 2009

The video follows as a narrator bakes while reflecting on celebrity death, specifically recalling the story of how Keith Richards supposedly snorted his father after cremation.  The narrator posits that the way to never lose anything is to keep it inside of you.  However, her efforts ultimately point to the futility of trying to keep things, particularly those one never had.

Feast or Famine
by Jamie Zeske

CW: food, vomiting

4 minutes, 49 seconds, 2016

In a world of people laughing with food in their mouths, I wanted to submit a video that contains people laughing with their mouths in some food.

Bad Things Might Happen
by Henry Detweiler

CW: alcohol

4 minutes, 12 seconds, Chicago, IL, USA, 2015

Please be as careful as possible. Really bad things might happen. I hope this helps.

Slave 2 Love
by Gertie Garbage

CW: food

2 minutes, 38 seconds, Philidelphia, PA, USA, 2006

This is my tribute to 9 1/2 Weeks and JB Ballard's Crash.

Exchanging Histories

by Falak Vasa

CW: none

9 minutes, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 2016

What do we choose to consume, what do we retain and what is allowed to be returned? Through bodily gestures and biological processes, the piece references the geological and physical systems that are called into play within the simple act of consumption. The breath plays a large role in acting as the transformative force. Breath is considered for its functions of sustenance, transformation, laughter and panic.

Hot Cheetos
by Melissa Hespelt

CW: food

47 seconds, Chicago, IL, USA, 2016

I've never looked this good. I'm as Hot as These Cheetos. Get A Mouthful.

Not Having Any Friends IRL to Gameshare With Just Seems Odd to Me
by Maeve Coughlin, Iza Benedetti, Maddy Olsen

CW: nudity

7 minutes, 51 seconds, Chicago, IL, USA, 2016

Three girls in another world. A reflection or a reaction, in this reality everything is a game.

your text
by Erin Hayden

CW: none

3 minutes, 2 seconds, Chicago, IL, USA, 2016

Enjoy your evening. Keep smiling. Dance all night.