OH NO! Whoops!, November 2016




by Anja Morell

CW: None Provided by Artist

00 minutes, 58 seconds, Chicago, Il, USA , 2016

password: youtube 

This is a piece that works in response to individuals' social media posts, making news topics and/or movements about their self when it is not their story. It is a parody of those who always must give personal insight with personal anecdotes that are taking away from the real story, when the real story is most likely truly oppressive for others in their personal lives. The piece is meant to be very short, so that it does not take up space. It hopes to be light. The long amount of silence in the video should provoke viewers to take time to critique their own actions, experiences, choices, etc. and how they may take up space or negatively affect/effect those who need a voice the most. The video hopes to promote listening and reflecting.

Anja Morell's Website

Bee Sounds

by Craig Monteith

CW: None Provided by Artist

04min 42sec, Clinton Corners, NY, USA, 2016

Carpenter bees have peculiar habits. 'Bee Sounds' is a diaristic monologue over a collection of personal clips. The result is a quirky look into the overlap between insect behavior and human nature.


Let's Talk About Lonliness

by Holly Arsenault

CW: Unreality

03min 37sec, Chicago/IL/United States, 2015

This work draws inspiration from the rambling youtuber vlog and a craigslist ad which began, "Am lonely." I wanted to create something like what raw footage would look like after being run through a broken editing program, one which cuts out full sentences leaving glitches and awkward silences and phrases which trail off into quiet introspection. Despite having very little sense to hang onto throughout the video, the viewer is still left with a feeling of the emotional impact of loneliness, even greater than a more upbeat, sensical vlog would have given.

Holly Arsenault's Vimeo Profile

Who Needs Teachers When You've Got A Computer-Aided Education?

by Bob Bicknell-Knight

CW: None Provided by Artist

04min 51sec, 2016

A work utilising an essay by Clifford Stoll written in 1995 titled 'Why The Web Won't Be Nirvana'. The text is visualised by harnessing various memes garnered from Google searches, demonstrating how the internet has changed and distorted since the essay was originally published in the mid 90s.

Bob Bicknell-Knight's Website

—ive only done til here oops omeg!—

Rio-me porque és da aldeia e vieste de burro ao baile

by Sandra Araújo

CW: None Provided by Artist

2 minutes, 53 seconds, Porto, Portugal, 2014

Popular sonorities and imagery combined with computer-based aesthetics. Visual elements feature iconic images, 8-bit, pixel and glitch, whereas sound is the result of sampling and mixing of fado.

Sandra Araújo

Stag, Dragged

by Jonathan Leib

CW: Blood

03 minutes, 37 seconds, Chicago, IL, USA, 2016

2 men. 1 deer. He hurt his back real bad.

Ryan Lochte: What Really Happened in Rio

by Misha Spivack

CW: None Provided by Artist

01 minutes, 19 seconds, New York, NY, USA, 2016

3PM news brings the full story with new, unearthed footage of the Ryan Lochte tragedy. Watch to find out what really happened.

Misha Spivack

School Speech on Robots 1984

by Weird Paul Petroskey

CW: None provided by artist

02 minutes, 51 seconds, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 2014

I had to do a speech on industrial robots for school in 1984.  I did not do well on it!  I still have all the student evaluations of my speech now, so I take a look back at what went wrong.

Weird Paul's Website

Our Team Regardless

by Melissa Hespelt

CW: None Provided by Artist

02 minutes, 17 seconds, Chicago, IL, USA, 2016

A cheerleader tells a fun story about mistakes and self-discipline. 

Melissa Hespelt's Website