Déjà vu, October 2016

deju vu


Brain Concussion

by Natalia Monokhova

CW: None Provided by Artist

04 minutes, 03 seconds, Moscow, Russia, 2016

I'm not allowed to watch films, use my Mac or any other gadgets. I can't read or write. I can't even go for a walk. I'm absolutely free. I get up, have my breakfast and go back to bed. I'm tired. I feel like I'm 100 years old. And I'm having a groundhog day. But I am still a video artist. So what can I do? What can I do without leaving my bed? It's obvious. Pose. I can't film, but the camera can.

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Breath Work

by Scott Wolniak

CW: None Provided by Artist

02 minutes, 28 seconds, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 2008

Therapeutic breathing exercise leads to disorientation, black-out and a dizzy sort of bliss.

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déjà vu du pont neuf

by Cole Lu

CW: None Provided by Artist

04 minutes, 23 seconds, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 2014

déjà-vu du pont neuf (2014) uses footage from "Les amants du Pont-Neuf" (1991), a romantic drama directed by Leos Carax. The film has been transferred to digital video and is projected on three split screens simultaneously at normal speed as well as slightly slower displays- 5 frames slower per video (middle and right). This has the effect of making the three identical narratives deviate increasingly over time, and inducing in the viewer an experience similar to déjà-vu. It is also artist’s intention to response to Douglas Gordon’s Déjà-vu (2000), in the use of existing film footage, in particular from film noir. “Les amants du Pont-Neuf” is part love story, part film noir, part AIDS allegory. The subsequent narrative is structured through flashbacks and involves classic French New Wave (La Nouvelle Vague) in experiments with editing and visual style that range of erotic betrayals and mistaken identities.

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by Mauricio Sanhueza

CW: None Provided by Artist

06 minutes, 24 seconds, Lima, Peru, 2016

Throughout the centuries dreams have been to many cultures around the world the images that speak of the future. In modern times dreams were seen as a connection to the unconscious. Today these morbid and extremely disturbing dreams are associated with the symptoms of a mental illness. This video is a free version of The Labyrinth of Crete in which the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur are reflected in a single character.

She Brings in the Tide Change

by Liz Cambron

CW: None Provided by Artist

10 minutes, 36 seconds, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 2016

She Brings in the Tide Change: A young witch travels through many dimensions to bring in the tide change. The tide change brings in a new age of insight and empathy to all. The sea is a place that no nation can own and no border can divide. The waves are always queer, always trespassing.

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Day Off 1

by Jillian Mayer

CW: None Provided by Artist

01 minutes, 57 seconds, Miami, Florida, USA, 2016

In DAY OFF, we watch as our protagonists play what we can only assume is a fully immersive virtual reality video game. They are completely disconnected from the world of the viewer, oblivious to the environment as well as the viewer's physical presence and gaze.  To an extent, the players have achieved the ultimate promise of entertainment- they are living in a world of their choosing, inhabiting their desired form to participate in any activity they decide, with limited consequences. However the viewer, removed from the player’s perspective, is made distinctly aware of the technology's inadequacy to achieve transcendence.The player becomes a parody of the current human condition- feeble bodies desperately attempting to escape the reality we were born into, grasping at the glowing windows in our pockets (and increasingly our minds) for a glimpse at a different world.

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Bed Boys

by Laura Callier

CW: None Provided by Artist

01 minutes, 57 seconds, Miami, Florida, USA, 2016

As you slowly wake, and your dream slips away, reality slips into focus. Was that a rustle in the sheets? Probably just your imagination. You close your eyes again. Wait, why is your arm so itchy? A mosquito bite? Or something else? Sleep tight…don't let the bed boys bite…

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Let’s Stop Talking Now or Sexually Surviving Bilingualism (in Montreal or elsewhere)

by Rebecca Lavoie & Virginie Jourdain

CW: Explicit Language

04 minutes, 35 seconds, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2012

Playing off the complete lack of sentimental undertones, the narration is a quick loop of images that synthesizes a relationship – or rather an interaction – between two lovers. The video ironizes our heads on approach to a sexuality that has no taboos and addresses the hardship of understanding one another in various circumstances as well as the apathy that is sometimes a byproduct of this reality. Sex and seduction, straying from love in a self-deprecating manner and perhaps even a bit of sorrow, like a strategic game where one must be quick, efficient and succeed without getting burned.

In/Habit Art Series Website

Looking Back At My 14th Birthday

by Weird Paul Petroskey

CW: None Provided by Artist

02 minutes, 20 seconds, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, 2013

At 43 years of age (in the year 2013), Weird Paul Petroskey looks back at his 14th birthday in 1984.  He does this by watching himself holding all of his presents on a old VHS.  Then, he holds the EXACT same items, 29 years later.

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The Beating of Your Heart Baby, part one

by Yasmina Chavez

CW: Labor Screams

02 minutes, 25 seconds, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 2014

This video derives from the notion that life is conceived in pleasure and born in pain. I wanted to create an audio/visual experience primarily focused on memory inducing interwoven sounds associated with the pain and pleasure of birth. I set out to create an abstracted video with a slow reveal that would simulate a hypnotic aesthetic so that the viewer would be allowed to focus on the sound. The animation aspect ratio is extra wide for the purpose of engaging one’s entire visual periphery when installed in a large room.

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