How to Video!, August 2016

Ever wonder how to do something? We're sure one of these will teach you at least one thing!

FaceTune Tutorial!
by Christopher Guidotti
CW : None Provided By Artist

08min 10sec, Chicago, IL, USA

Hey everyone! Today I'm gonna be teaching y'all how to edit your selfies using this really cool app called FaceTune. If you want to learn how to really turn out a selfie so its ready or the gram keep watching!

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by Tannaz Motevalli
CW : Nudity

03min 56sec, Chicago, IL, USA

A breastfeeding tutorial for all soon-to-be/wannabe/gottabe/imaginary/fantasy/definitely-not-real mothers! xoxoxo

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How to Fall in Love
by Ellie Hall
CW : None Provided By Artist

01min 14sec, Chicago, IL USA

Have you ever wondered exactly how to fall in love? Love can be sticky, but this in-depth tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions to help you catch the one. Let the sweet side of love lead the way.

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Weird Paul "Party Rocks" a Shirt!
by Weird Paul Petroskey
CW : None Provided By Artist

02min 46sec, Pittsburgh, PA USA

Internet sensation Weird Paul shows you how to Party Rock your shirt! Party Rocking was a short lived fad from 2010-2012 that was started by the EDM band LMFAO. Even though no one seems to give a crap any more about Party Rocking, Weird Paul thinks it is still important for you to know the proper way to Party Rock your shirt!

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Coke Girl
by KT Hickman
CW : Sugar Overload

02min 39sec, Brooklyn, NY, USA

"Coke Girl" features a step by step guide to creating a very special cocktail (or Coketail, if you will.) Do you have a sweet tooth from hell??!!! Then this is the drink for you!! Get the recipe now and even become a Coke Girl yourself!

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Take Her Swimming Makeup Tutorial
by Edgar Gomez
CW : None Provided By Artist

06min 59sec, Orlando, Florida, United States

Summer is all about competitive volleyball, blacking out at the beach and waking up in your ex-boyfriends herb garden, and fun fab makeup! Let me teach you how to apply makeup that will last you all summer! Just like, wear a grocery bag on your head in the shower or something.

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Portrait Tutorial
by Kanthy Peng
CW : None Provided By Artist

12min 44sec, Chicago, IL, USA, 2016

Portrait Tutorial features an unsuccessful “coming out” experience of me. I encode my homosexual relationship within a series of photography portrait tutorials made for coaching my parents back in China, and test the boundaries of subtlety in these videos. Along with photography work and a recorded Skype session, I display the bare bones of my physical separation and psychological alienation from my family. The conversations between daughter and parents shift cautiously from concealment to reveal, and denial to possible acceptance. The project aim to highlight the discomfort of communication and mutual understanding that occurs between the generation.

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by JB Fry CW : Nudity, Male Genitalia

Password: ZESTY
5min 54sec, Chicago, Il, USA

Directions or poetry? HOW TO COOK A CHICKEN explores ideas of sexuality through iteration and misinterpretation. Don’t tell mom I made this!

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Purity of Image
by Caleb Foss, Jon Robertson, Shane Sheehy, Darcie Wilder

CW : Kidnapping

6min 40sec, Chicago, IL, USA

The secrets of pure photography are uncovered as an expert discusses how to dispose of bad photographer instincts. Topics covered include exposure, composition, and cooperation. Purity of Image was the winning entry in a 24 hour film competition at the Lake Placid Film Forum in Lake Placid, NY and screened in the Three Rivers Film Festival in Pittsburgh, PA.

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by Cole Lu
CW : None Provided By Artist

01min 25sec, St. Louis, Mo, USA

“ This is the story I wouldn’t tell you when I was your girlfriend. You kept asking and asking, and your guesses were so lurid and specific. Was I a kept woman? Was Bulverde like Nevada, where prostitution is legal? Was I naked for the entire year? The reality began to seen barren. And in time I realized that if the truth felt empty, then I probably would not be your girlfriend much longer.” – The Swim Team, Miranda July, No One Belongs Here More Than You (2008) Aquaphobia 2012 is a single channel color video, just over 1 minute long, which presents an immersive sequence of interconnected visual and audio instructions repeated and distorted through progression of a domestic swimming lesson. As the bare form of each image reappears: A young couple practices front crawl out of water basin; The voiceover from The Ultimate Guide to Swimming Front Crawl accompany with viewpoints from both above and under water; A sequence of colored signs flashes in the most tedious manner: repetition. Here, the offbeat visual narrative emphasizes the contradiction, being presented with the unexpected, as the source of humor. Like one of those fever dreams, frightening and comforting at the same time. Its dream logic means separation-anxiety melds effortlessly with the feeling of belonging; of being needed. As Mark Twain describes: The secret source of humor itself is not joy but sorrow. In this case, the sorrow of not being able to immerse in water yet practicing for alternative solution, discloses the sense of hope, no matter how fucked-up, it will be okay.

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