Dina Kelberman – Guest Curation, July 2016

Dina Kelberman is an artist living and working in Baltimore, MD. She has shown and spoken about her work internationally. Kelberman was recently invited to create original web-based pieces for the New Museum and The Marina Abramovic Institute and was included in the Montréal International Biennial of the Contemporary Image and International Biennial of Design in Saint-Etienne, France. Her work has been written about in The New York Times, Art21 and NPR.


There’s too much to say.

Trying to write a blog post about youtube videos is like watching youtube videos, it just immediately spirals completely out of control. Oh god there are so many questions and so many completely insane things to find and you CAN’T STOP FINDING THEM and every single thing you find that makes you be like “well this is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen I can’t believe a person made a video like this why why why would a person make a video like this” then it turns out there’s an entire subculture of people making videos like that and those videos are all actually spinoffs of another subculture of videos that are equally if not more so why-would-anyone-make-them and now you have watched so many that you can pick up on the subtleties and the details that they are for some reason obsessed with and now you are obsessed with them and now you are essentially doing the exact same thing as them you are them what is the difference where are the boundaries what is a video what is art

Anyway, this kid. Oh this kid this kid this kid. There’s a lot going on with this kid. One thing is that he’s very insistent that people not “make out of him” which just in and of itself as a phrase has a lot of really great implications. But as far as I can tell people are only making out of him because he is making out of them CONSTANTLY. It’s a chicken-egg situation because I haven’t bothered to check all the dates on things and figure out who was a jerk first, but basically all his videos are of him sending mean messages to other youtubers, hurling around such hurtful accusations as “.” And then, of course, now that he’s alienated everyone he is lonely and sad and for some reason looks to those same people to cheer him up. Or maybe the cheer up video is going out to other users, I really don’t know who this kid thinks is watching his videos but as far as I can tell everyone watching his videos hates him and tells him so repeatedly. To the point where he makes videos specifically for them to use the “dislike” button on, which I guess he feels will deflect dislikes from his “real” videos, a tactic I am really into.

So the whole channel is just a weird portrait of a lonely/angry child who is spending a lot of time interacting with adults who hate him on the internet via very strange sentences that are for some reason videos, because on this social network you write sentences as videos, which is a whoooooooole other thing.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you the videos he makes using paper cutout drawings to recreate outdated television identification bump motion graphics.

NBC 1975-1958 A

PBS DVD 2008 Blue

See original bump

Carolco Pictures 1986-1988

See original bump

ABC Australia Video 1985-1988

See original bump

Viacom 1985-1986

(full playlist of his motiongraphics along with their original sources)

Thank you for your time,
Dina Kelberman