Writing, May 2016

This month, Video! Video! is debuting a new Video! Criticism section, with texts about our video submissions from real live writers. Read hot video words from real live writers here online for free! This month’s contributors include Sid Branca, Sarah Quillin.

Sid Branca on Titan of Wokeness by Krister Larson's

What does YouTube watch to fall asleep? Do you think YouTube has dreams? Shuffling little fragments of its day in and out of each other. A figure swims up from out of its memories. Someone who reminds you of your father, but also that girl from gym class, Noelle. And the pause right before someone speaks. The pause happens again. The repetition of a mantra, an affirmation, where each word has meaning on its own, sure, but in the rational light of day they don't quite stand up to logic, all strung together that way. But it made so much sense at the time, spoken so emphatically by that mermaid who was also a motivational speaker, earnestly leading you through a guided meditation to achieve your dreams. ASMR videos make me nervous, but in a comforting way, all that whispering at the edge of comprehension, like a dream. All these far away women and their soothing voices like an ocean, like an endless well. This is what "Titan of Wokeness" by Krister Larson feels like to me. YouTube, dreaming, humming to itself in a late night restless sleep. Teaching itself how to self-actualize. How to envision its goals for happiness and confidence. How to get that perfect bold eye. "To achieve it, you must doing work." It wakes up, wipes its eyes, writes it all down, not quite sure what it means, but filled with the sense that it has learned something in the night.

Sid Branca | sidbranca.com

Sarah Quillin on Roommate Compilation by Joe Horejs and Mike Lopez's

Not since Jafar rasped his lies to Aladdin across a barren palace cell has a tale of two roommates been so twisted. Joseph Horejs and Mike Lopez’s subtle, conflicted “Roommate Compilation” starts out light enough, as Joe surreptitiously films his roommate Mike desperately reciting nonchalant greetings into a bathroom mirror while fastening his hair into a tiny, tiny ponytail. As Joseph’s spying escalates and his pranks turn increasingly psychological, the viewer becomes the toady bystander to Joseph’s schoolyard bully, eagerly indulging in laughs at Mike’s expense (what a loser, right?). While the seeds of Joseph’s cruelty bloom in a slow build, the viewer is pulled into the dark, guilty place of having laughed along with a sociopathic video voyeur. Though irreverent, the short aptly conjures the distinct unease that follows laughing at something both really funny and really terrible, leaving the viewer feeling as small and low down as Lopez’s slick ponytail.

Sarah Quillin| feildsmagazine.com

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