No God’s, No Masters, May 2016

Videos of breaking beer bottles in an alley or animation of you riding Trump like a little horsey. Radical, punk, feminist, anti-racist, raw food vegan, anti-establishment, sk8rboi, existential, leather daddy, h4xxor videos. Stick it to the man, man!

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Titan of Wokeness
by Krister Larson

07min 25sec, Milwaukee, WI, 2016

"Set the gear shift to the high gear of your soul." -Phish "Titan of Wokeness" is a video star! She's real af and tangible too, maybe… Like, reblog, revine for revine! Will you follow her? She’s appropriated everything for your liking. In response to internet idols that provide a service to viewers including self help, motivational, how to, Titan of Wokeness challenges the productivity vs. play in content. What monetary gain is at stake when a viewer interfaces with content? Who is actually receiving it? When an online identity claims the title of self-help, or spiritual guide, does the medium deliver their intention or is it lost and confused by the platform/void it exists on? Through a linkage of appropriated online material and motivational language Titan of Wokeness wants you to decide for yourself if, "You are the___ to your own." Snuggle into this emotionally productive void, escape into an introspective state, or simply stumble into a state of escapism and *SMASH that MO F*CKIN LIKE BUTTON* !!!

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How to Remain (Completely) Confused by Your Culture
by Claire Jade Wong

04min 54sec, Chicago IL USA, 2015

“How to Remain (Completely) Confused by Your Culture” is a self reflection on cultural identity. Consisting of vignettes that use footage from a recent trip to Taiwan and Hong Kong, “How to Remain (Completely) Confused by Your Culture” explores whiteness, language, and the relationship with my mother.

Flower Office
by Ellen Nielsen

03min 18sec, Chicago, IL, USA, 2015

In an all-beige office, secretarial daisies type, print, process, copy, file, and shred important flower documents. Inspired in part by Michel DeCerteau's concept of "la perruque," in which workers undermine their oppression through small diversions of their employer's time and resources, "Flower Office" parodies the alienation and feminization of bureaucratic labor, offering an absurdist vision of workplace rebellion through floral non-productivity.

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Ilse, Irene
by Grace Mitchell

4min 42sec, Milwaukee, WI, 2016

Ilse, Irene: person-to-person. Another is a second self. Proximity as a sculpting device, creating relationships out of the space in-between. Ilse & Irene are one in the same as an addition or pollution. They don't care about you, they'll ditch you anywhere they want. That's their magnetism. That's their appeal.

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by Jesse Malmed

58sec, Chicago, IL, 2011

Trompe l'oeil l'eau d'bubblings: soda music for pop fans, painting jokes for painting folks. Walking and/or talking, the satisfaction sound when sipping a cold one on a hot one, Dorian Grapefruit, the Heads Up Seven.

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by Coral Short

03min 12sec, Berlin, Germany, 2013

“We will destroy the cult of the new in favour of the cult of wisdom.” MOTHER is a collaboration between Pippi Zornoza and Coral Short. This project begun when Coral met Pippi during her residency at Dirt Palace: a feminist-anarchist living ex-library in Providence, Rhode Island. It is part of a larger web-based project called,, which was part of the National Queer Arts Festival in San Francisco in 2013. MOTHER speaks to our future as humans.

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Roommate Compilation
by Joe Horejs, Mike Lopez

06min 52sec, Chicago, IL, 2016

Follow a troubled Christian while he is mercilessly harassed and stalked by his roommates in this short video, shot entirely on cellphones. Technically a work in progress, Roommate Compilation uses clever editing of rough improvised footage to create humorous and questionable situations for all parties involved in their shared apartment.

Paradise, Las Vegas
by Emma Pryde and Nic Seago

9 min, Los Angeles, CA, 2016

Paradise is an extraordinarily fitting name for a region that has been granted the ability to operate outside of municipal parameters. Everything in Paradise, Las Vegas, is a fake, distorted, imitation of opulence devoid of history, practicality, or purpose. The entire strip is an urban theme park full of miniaturized yet maximized historical environments converted into resorts and casinos boasting seemingly endless amenities. The Luxor, Caesars Palace, The Venetian, Excalibur, Mandarin Oriental, Paris, Monte Carlo, etc. are designed to be reminiscent of global landmarks, attractions, and architectural periods that haunt the collective memory of humankind. However, these megaresorts do not remind tourists of actual imperial histories. Instead, the marble floors, chandeliers, neoclassical domes, and ornate fountains that saturate the strip present a whitewashed, Hollywoodized, fictional interpretation of the world and its historical monuments, which collapse cultural implications that might distract from the wholly immersive consumer experience. Paradise, Las Vegas (2016)  is about the dark vapidity of Vegas, and our experience being profiled as “suspects of domestic terrorism” by security personnel while shooting a video at the Adventuredome in Circus Circus. Full essay can be read at

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Joey Shares: The Friend Zone
by Joey Scher (traderjoe_y)

03min 36sec, Chicago, IL , 2016

HI ♡
Hopefully this has been an educational video about the friend zone!
Here's a hearty (har har har) recap of today's lesson/tutorial/manifesto/self-help video~~~
*Things that put you (woman) in the zone (how to identify the zone):
1. You’re ahead of these times of what it means to be a woman
2. You talk about sexual encounters to a dude friend and still want to suck their dick
3. You like vagina and don’t think it will offend/intimidate/ prevent men from touching your vagina
4. You can shotgun a beer with your guy friends
5. You don’t shave your armpits or legs and wear pants aka "friendzoning trifecta"
6.You're confused about the words "masculinity" and "femininity"
7. You don't talk like a lady
8. You’re a jokester
9. You have opinions
10. You're aggressive
*Things that get you (woman) out of the zone (permanently get out):
1. Shave your armpits and legs if you still want to wear pants
2. Occasionally wear low cut shirts to remind the male that you are a female
3. Always accentuate your lips to remind a man that you have DSL (dick sucking lips)
4. Smile- frowning is for lesbians
5. Laugh at everything men say
6. Don’t be funny because it comes off as aggressive and surprising
7. Do not talk about your favorite beers
8. Do not talk about your favorite rappers
9. Do not talk about how you feel about the world
10. Actually just don't talk,

Big love to all my subscribers!
Cheers to staying out of the zone!
:~) ♡ :~) ♡ :~) ♡ :~)

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by Chen Chenyu

25min 40sec, Chicago IL, USA, 2014

The Fall (advanced copy) is an experimental documentary investigates the global manufacturing industry through the act of falling. Within the context of suicidal workers in China’s iPhone factory, the film follows both vertical and horizontal journeys along with global recycle and production systems, searches for ground in our contemporary manufacturing geography.

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Allie Shyer is an artist and organizer living in Chicago. She curates the Her Environment Series with collaborator Chelsea Welch, showcasing the work of feminine spectrum artists working in new media. She also makes text and performance experiments exploring communication, disability, feminine experience, and the internet.


Emily Eddy is a film, video, digital media artist and curator based out of Chicago, IL. She graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013, where she received her Bachelors in Fine Arts. She has been programming film, video, and new media works at the Nightingale Cinema in Chicago since 2013. Emily has screened her work and curated at many venues in Chicago, as well as her hometown, Portland, OR, Iceland, and various mid-western cities.


Hank Jordan is an arts organizer and writer in Chicago. He is currently spending his time fantasizing about his death and his future child!


SUZY!!! is an artist born in Indiana, a small country inside the US Midwest. He has lived and worked in NYC, Northampton UK, and Chicago, where he draws comix, tattoos, and publishes A number of adult magazines.