Dog & Baby Show, April 2016

According to Wikipedia, a dog-and-pony show means "a highly promoted, often over-staged performance designed to sway or convince opinion for political or commercial ends . . . Performing dogs and ponies were often the main attractions of such events." A DOG & BABY SHOW might be similar . . . or it might be something else altogether! This is the month for videos featuring pets, babies, spectacles, and theatrics. Send us your cutesy, cloying, and over-the-top propaganda please!

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PUA- Top Ten Pick Up Lines
by Molly Jo Shea

03min 32sec, Los Angeles, CA, 2013

Going through Pick Up Artist blogs I decided to test some of their tactics on my guinea pig, Phedre. I dressed her up like a club girl and read her some of PUA recommendations for pick-up artists. No animals were hurt in the making of this video, but I'm fairly certain some girls were emotionally manipulated thanks to the publishing of the source material. :-/ .

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American Dream Girl
by Ellie Hall

02min 15sec, Chicago IL USA, 2015

"Once I had a dream that I owned all of the nail polish I ever wanted. One of every color, some blue, some green, some pink. I woke up thinking it was all real, had I known that it wasn’t, I would’ve never woken up. American Dream Girl is a fanciful exploration of the politics of hypercommodification. Harvesting a particularly susceptible market, companies have come to depend on teen girls to keep shelves empty, while effectively stocking dreams full. "

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Untitled Thought
by Chelsea Welch

02min 07sec, Chicago, IL, USA, 2015

Untitled Thought is short piece on reflection. It is the process that one goes through during love, and after loss. It highlights the small yet significant transformation that takes place in the way one views the tiny details of life during both a catastrophe and happiness.

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Sad Girls Club TV (Episode 2)
by SoftPants Studios (Máire Witt O'Neill, Mia Ardito)

14min 31sec, Chicago IL USA, 2014

Sad Girls Club is a conceptual (sur)reality web series that regurgitates the reality TV show Bad Girls Club (BGC) in order to explore what it means to be sad, bad, violent, mad, wasted, naked, and a woman under the scrutiny and obsessive eye of reality media entertainment.

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Domestic Dirt
by Buzz Slutzky

06 min 31sec, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 2012-2013

Domestic Dirt uses a mix of voiceover narration and character-based performance to build a critique of the exploitation of childcare workers. Domestic Dirt layers both original and found material in order to reference media portrayals of children and babysitters. From 2008-2010, Slutzky organized in solidarity with domestic workers in New York State, and from 2010-2012 Slutzky worked as a nanny themself. While Domestic Dirt satirizes their former employers, the comic jabs are also self-critical.

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03min 10sec, Los Angeles, CA USA, 2016

"LEMONADE: body-produced in the squalor of Hollywood Hills "

my baby doll
by lamathilde

03min 46sec, Montreal, Canada, 2007

Butchering a real toy, real feeling for a false reality. We support the fiction of violence with cutting women , do we cope fiction with reality's gesture ? I put that video on youtube at the time of Dexter's success and received so many hatred comments and I wondered if those same people were enjoying the multiple dislocated bodies (usually women) in series on tv.

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Analog Internet
by Faith Holland

5 min 11 sec , NY NY USA, 2012

Analog Internet is a video-sculpture that reveals a pyramid of three-dimensional rendered CRT televisions, each with a different cat video appropriated from YouTube playing. This is the core of the Internet: an Egyptian site of worship for cats. Considering the Internet’s obsession with cats, Analog Internet re-imagines having the same relationship to cat videos in physical, not digital, space.

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Convention Chronicles 1: The Pet Expo
by Meredith Moore

01min 05sec, Baltimore MD USA , 2016

An ode to the fur that can fill a hole in one’s heart, this is a short video poem expressing the relationship between man and beast. Filmed on a mini DV camera with voice-over recorded onto cassette tape, this work is in direct rebellion against the slick, high-definition, 4k, steadicam video-making of today.

Pencil! Episode 1: Birth
by Laura Callier

2min 15sec, Chicago IL, USA, 2014

The public discourse on pencils has been rife with misinformation since their creation in 1951, and with "Pencil! Episode 1: Birth," artist Laura Callier seeks to explore the intersectionality of the natural process of pencil birth plus the postmodern functionality of cramming one's face with poundcake. Rather than considering this a "one way ticket to poundtown" though, viewers should question their current identities as computer-human hybrids and realize that pencils are good for more than simply filling out scantron tests in the seventh grade: they're also good for….you!!!!

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Sarah Jane Quillin is a biologist and writer researching in Chicago. She is an editor for fields, a print publication spotlighting underground art, music, and literature, and co-creator of Casual Agony, an irreverent comedy series exploring the unease of stand-up.


Melissa Hespelt is a spoiled little bitch from New Jersey who is currently studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). She hopes one day to live happily ever after in the underworld with all of her friends. <3


Kelsey Megan Ellison is a young video artist, filmmaker, and musician living in Chicago Illinois. She is currently working toward a BFA from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago.



Eddy Rivera is an artist born in Indiana, a small country inside the US Midwest. He has lived and worked in NYC, Northampton UK, and Chicago, where he draws comix, tattoos, and publishes A number of adult magazines.