Zach Zone, March 2016

SO the jury did do a great job of picking the good stuff. BUT some of the work I really liked didn't make the cut so i thought i would just make a little nook of the site that's just for me to put the videos i liked! so here is 9 that didn't get selected by the jury that i wanted to show you!

~Zachary Hutchinson
Creator of Video! Video! Zine

What's Taking So Long In There?
by Molly Jo Shea

09min 36sec, Chicago IL, 2016    

"This piece was made in a bathroom of an alternative art space in Highland Park, Los Angeles- 24 Hour Charlies. Basically I wanted to do a nail erotica video that wasn't fighting the domestic, scatological use of the bathroom and instead embraced this embarrassing space with open arms. I also like calling it my budget Matthew Barney movie."

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by jason penney

2min 32sec, Chicago Il, 2015    

"Taking aesthetic inspiration from traditional screen printed wallpaper, and animated GIF’s the videos depicts flowers and household objects. Manipulating the objects to take on the appearance and nature of genitals and sexualized objects they are moved repetitiously in scenes so the inanimate objects seem bodily and visceral. This video is from a series of wallpapers developed to communicate how queer desires might manifest itself as decor designed using objects found within one's home."

Behind The Couch
by MJ Brotherton

15min 24sec, Chicago Il USA, 2014    

"like you mean it."

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Secrets of a Willing Housewife
by Olivia Woodward

54sec, Chicago Il USA, 2015    

"A gentle reinterpretation of the pornographic motion picture from the 1970s of the same title. This short film addresses power dynamics within the sexual relationship of a heterosexual couple."

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by Caleb Yono

11min 12sec, Chicago Il, 2015    


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Care (First Draft)
by Zachary Hutchinson

4min 59sec, 2015