Home Videos!, March 2016

~ look at these people, at home, eating breakfast, playing jazz. ~

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by Weird Paul Petroskey

1min 44sec, Pittsburgh PA, 1984    

A 13 year old kid named Paul reviewing and eating his McDonald's Breakfast in front of the family video camera in 1984. Very retro and an original concept over 30 years ago. Now you see this sort of YouTube-style food review every day but this was filmed long before YouTube existed.

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by Zia Anger, Billy Feldman

19min 33sec, New York, NY, 2008    

For his ninth birthday Myles asks for nothing but wood. With his once vivacious grandmother slowly dying, and his burdened mother struggling for relevance he is constructing the everlasting life he desires. Within this wintry upstate New York world, there are indeed mighty forces at play.

by Anna Ialeggio

1min 44sec, Los Angeles, CA, 2012    

My father jams with Amy Goodman. It is emotionally difficult to start the day by listening to Democracy Now, but he is committed. This is a good solution.

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Hot Stuff
by Cameron Gibson

2min 36sec, Chicago IL USA, 2015    

Dinner and a movie?? Psh! For this fat cat, a night on the town is for the birds. Go ahead and close those blinds – tonight she's gonna play with the big boys.

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by Jesse Malmed

2min 36sec, Chicago, IL USA, 2013    

"Starring (in order of appearance): Govind, Veda, Nananancy, Gayatri, Ali, Chloe Witch breakfast, flying lanterns, alien landscapes, mirrors and seeings. Séance Nonfiction. Kipsigis Country and the a loop that starts in the middle and ends way back in the middle again. Or not a loop, but a new holiday."

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by Nicholas Sunsdahl and Gina Sunsdahl

10min 20sec, Duluth, MN USA, 2012    

"Estranged from maternal guidance, two siblings wallow in perpetually-adolescent masculinity. Despite some physical and intellectual effort, post-modern maturity escapes them until their bromo-incestual isolation is interupted by an astute visitor. Borrowing its title from the famous article in wikipedia.com's Transhumanism series, Postgenderism provides winter farce in proportions emblematic of upper-midwestern modesty."

For more info about Nicholas Sunsdahl visit www.nicholassunsdahl.com

COME TO MY HOUSE: The Plastic Tree Matrix
by Mitchell Ed Mittelstedt

14min 19sec, New Berlin, WI, USA, 2014    

"For the ongoing pseudo-autobiographical series Come to My House, begun in 2013, Mitchell Ed Mittelstedt (de)constructs fragile narratives by editing together the odds and ends of audio/video as recorded near his home in New Berlin, Wisconsin."

by soft bite (Chiara Galimberti, Brian Weza)

3 min 12 sec (looping), Chicago IL USA, 2016    

"In the video “stretched”, soft bite explores the negotiation of boundaries, intimacy, and the struggle for a balance between closeness and autonomy. soft bite is a collaborative duo based out of Chicago, Illinois comprised of visual artist/musician Chiara Galimberti and musician/writer Brian Weza. soft bite uses video, sound, and performance as mediums."

The Rugcutters
by Elisa Chaudet

3min 34sec, NY, NY, USA , 2015    

"This is an exploration of the imitation of the organic within the domestic. An exploration of the dusty and synthetic spaces of décor. An exploration of kitsch and interior design. A narrative of the constant process of creating a warm home, only to make it cold. I am attempting to create an environment where the playful and cynical can coexist equally."

For more info about Elisa Chaudet visit cargocollective.com/elisachaudet

State of the Union Address
by Robert Chamberlin and Coorain

1min 48sec, Halifax, Boston, MA, 2015    

"Robert and Coorain present their most recent home video. Given both artists make work about queerness, an engagement video seemed ripe for exploration of a "post-gay" relationship."

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Danielle Campbell is a media artist and curator based in Chicago, IL. She is interested in the minimally grotesque, subtle suggestions of possession, humor and repulsion and uncanny environments. She received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013, with a focus in cinema studies, performance and film/video.



Iryne Roh is a Los-Angeles based artist currently living in Chicago, and primarily works with video, new media and installation. Her works explore gender theory, especially concerning the gaze in media, as well as queer sexuality and marginalized identity.


Katy Albert Katy Albert is a performance artist living in Chicago, IL. She is one half of the performance duo Mothergirl and runs the venue Pinky Swear in Humboldt Park.



Máire Witt O'Neill is a performance and video artist. She is currently pursuing an MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.