Zach Zone, February 2016

SO the jury did do a great job of picking the good stuff. BUT some of the work I really liked didn't make the cut so i thought i would just make a little nook of the site that's just for me to put the videos i liked! so here is 9 that didn't get selected by the jury that i wanted to show you!

~Zachary Hutchinson
Creator of Video! Video! Zine

Pygmalion (Excerpt)
by Christopher Gambino

09min 09sec, Chicago IL, 2015    

"I still think about my exes a lot"

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Hank Beer Shotgun
by Hank Jordan

01min 09sec, Chicago Il, 2015    

"wow o wow HANK is gettin it down and dirty and done and !! what him finish it fast fast fast !! see it go down !! HANK is just REALLY gettin it NOW !! haha! wow believe this ITS wild!"

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Children's Death Awareness
by Drew Hanks

2min 45sec, Los Angeles CA USA, 2015

"Informative dirge searching into our deep crevices, our dark circles and, importantly enough, returning from the forest of tears."

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Who Let You in Here?
by Cooper Collier

6min 00sec, Houston TX USA, 2014    

"Informative dirge searching into our deep crevices, our dark circles and, importantly enough, returning from the forest of tears."

The Slut (2015)
by dylan meade

11min 12sec, ireland/scotland, 2015    

"i got high and fucked myself with a wide heavy green dildo tonight, it stretched me. biggest i’ve ever taken. of anything. not gargantuan at all. but large for sure. four times. four fucking times. and each one was better than the last. I hate limbo. you have to break through it. whichever way you’re going. it’s for the best. i am not ashamed i like it from behind i love taking big dick reclaim your space as inherently valid I’m Scared. are you alright no im fine I stepped in dog shit in kelvingrove park"

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by Jamie Zeske

01min 48sec, 2015    

"Some cultures believe(d) taking someone`s photograph will steal their soul. Others believed mirrors could be strategically placed to ensure that soul`s return. Our memories, like digitally copied images, fade in clarity each time they are accessed or copied. "Captured" explores the intersection of narcissism, body image, social networking and gender presentation. Hot or not?"

by Keith DeNatale

05min 05sec, Oakland CA USA, 2015    

"BRONNE takes a walk out back to try and clear his mind. This is his motivation to better himself and try and move forward towards becoming the ideal version of himself."

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Are You There?
by Laura Callier

3min 29sec, Chicago IL USA, 2015    

"In a world where we live nose down in a glowing screen, is it enabling us to live more fully? Is it a distraction from the boredom? A distraction from life? Are you here? Are you on your phone? Are you there? Hello? Can you hear me? Will you pick up? Am I here? "

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Who Will I Be?
by Nina Litoff

28sec, Chicago IL USA, 2015    

"Do you ever get drunk and then go into the bar bathroom and look yourself in the eyes and think about how you are looking at yourself? Behold the out-of-body experience of confronting your own subjectivity in the gaze of an infinite hall of mirrors. "

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