I’m Not My Cellphie!, February 2016



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~Zachary Hutchinson
Creator of Video! Video! Zine

Hey World, This is Kelsey
by Kelsey Megan Ellison

02min 28sec, Chicago Il, 2015    

"This winter, young video artist Kelsey Megan Ellison has decided to extend a hand and videotape some short motivational speeches. The pep talks she gives herself are now for a wider audience: the world. In her iPhone camera addresses, Kelsey tackels everyday issues like cold weather, sadness, stress, work, holidays, and change. Every video ends with a smile and some hope that if friends, family, and loved ones stick together, everything will work out."

For more info about Kelsey Megan Ellison visit cargocollective.com/kelseymeganellison          

by Holly Arsenault

09min 40sec, Chicago Il, 2015    

"If I can't make art out of this, then what's the fucking point?"" In this piece, I attempted to test the viewer using a compilation of gestures which are both in conversation with and performing tension in response to trauma. There is also a dark humor which I embedded throughout the work which dares its audience to laugh at it while maintaining a raw, honest portrayal of my personal experiences of trauma."

Self Abrasion – Official Music Video
by Jake Vogds


1min 43sec, Chicago IL USA, 2015

"Self Abrasion"" is the first single and music video off of Jake Vogds' debut demo EP, ""POSTCAMP"". The pop video is shot entirely on an Iphone 6 with live vocals in every take. ""Self Abrasion"" takes an accelerationist approach to contemporary trend and youth culture while discussing the delightfully consuming disease that is touch screen technology. Body and product are confused and merged in this three and a half minute film, prophesying the extinction of the celebrity through the creation of the self-made DIY ""selfebrity"" that has been born with the millennial generation. Lyrically and aesthetically, the work implodes from its paradoxical existence, collapsing the cultural epoch of which it depicts, and questions the possibility of a critical rebirth, a ""POSTCAMP"". Video by Jake Vogds Shot by Nico Gardner"

For more info about Jake Vogds visit jakevogds.com


some time.
by Craig Stam


02min 06sec, Chicago IL USA, 2015 

" im pretty lazy and my mom knows it but i really dont wanna do anything actually. ill get something done sometime soon maybe who knows. but im havin such a good time doing nothing so maybe i wont even bother. sorry im feeling kinda tired i think im gonna go sleep now. "

For more info about Craig Stam visit cargocollective.com/cstama

by sl4v34u

03min 09sec, Miami FL USA, 2015   

"My iPhone as well as many others believes it knows me (its user). It thinks it can guess what i am going to say or feel. so together with my iPhone and my macbook i created a video dissecting this relationship between machine and user. SO, using the auto text on iPhone i wrote and then self edited the document to a perfect rectangle on the google docs app. the video recording was then made what is the real me and what is iPhone me. idk, udk, you think you know me?"

For more info about slv4u visit daniel-bryan.com


UpSet and Online
by Jessie Darnell

3min 22sec, Chicago IL USA, 2015    

"In this piece I was interested in the way people, myself included, share their emotions on the internet. The idea of intimate moments purposely made public intrigues me and I decided to research this idea in it's most vulnerable state – crying to a video camera. The footage I found varied in it's context, from relationships to a bad joke gone wrong."

my CUTE Facebook profile video with sound and iPhone 5S ratio
by Paula Pinho Martins Nacif

05sec, Chicago, Il, 2015    

"uploaded to Facebook with no sound and square crop on October 14, 2015, received 123 likes (December 4, 2015)"

For more info about Paula Pinho Martins Nacif visit paulalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala.land/      

by Endam Nihan


4min 52sec, New York, NY, 2015  

"‘perfect365’ is a video that is made entirely with the smartphone photo editing applications Perfect365 and FaceFilm. A single selfie is cycled 108 times through the same application, perfect365, where Face Detection automatically adds layered makeup filters. The same process repeated until the application is unable to detect a face anymore. Each recursively treated image is then fed to a face morphing app called FaceFilm, where a video document of the process is generated. "

For more info about Endam Nihan visit endamnihan.com          

Describing a Flower
by chris collins

02min 40sec, Chicago , 2015    

"A meditation using an app for color blindness to describe a youtube video of a color-changing lotus flower lamp. "

For more info about chris collins visit iamchriscollins.com


It's Not Your Fault
by Raven Davis

4min 01sec, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2015    

"It’s Not Your Fault is a short movie, filmed, edited and recorded on my iPhone about the violence of online comments made towards Indigenous people, and specifically about Indigenous Women of Canada, and the negligence of online/social media outlets allowing hate speech. It’s Not Your Fault is a personal response recorded, edited and preformed by myself, as an Indigenous person who has experienced violence by both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous men.

In the movie I use manoomin, a grain also known as “wild rice” which had been a food staple for many Indigenous people in Canada. Throughout the short, I record myself preparing my bundle to pray and help heal from what I was reading, but couldn’t complete the ceremony because the abalone prayer shell that I’m holding, fills up with manoomin; symbolically, the lives and struggles of all my relations, extended family, chosen family and women and children across Canada who’s lives have been taken, those who are still suffering and those who have not been able to escape their abusers or violent situations.

Throughout the movie, I perform a song with a fringe, leather handled and horn and bean shaker. The Strong Women’s song, also known as the Women’s Warrior song was taught to me over 20 years ago by the Ode'min Kwe Singers. It was at that time that I sang with them and Pasiwegiik Drummers at different events and gathering in Ontario. I preformed the song in a slightly different version of the original to make it a bit slower, deeper and more like something you’d hear as a child from your mother or grandmother. Similar to a lullaby or cradle song to calm a child's crying or preparation before bed. I sang this song in this way to comfort my sadness as it related to what I was reading and to honour all women who we have lost and who are still suffering in abusive relationships or sexually or gendered violent situations."

For more info about Raven Davis visit ravendavisart.tumblr.com


Claire Arctander is a Chicago-based artist whose work makes feminist explorations of desire and desirability.



Sophia Hamilton lives and works in Chicago, IL. By day she runs the Disability Access Center at a community college. By night, she is half of the performance art duo Mothergirl and co-curator of Bits and Pieces: A Monthly Salon for Ideas and Experiments.



Matthew Schlagbaum is a Chicago based artist, educator, and administrator. His work explores affect display, stock photography, neutrality, supernormal stimuli, and ambivalence.



Efren Arcoiris is an artist working in drawing, sculpture, installation, performance, and video. Arcoiris also works under the name of Burning Orchid with collaborative partner Rose Hernandez.