Deoderants, salts, lotions, perfumes, towelettes, bath oils, powders and gels!, December 2015

Smell Good! Be Good! Live Good!
oooh pretty ya' skin!
oooh pretty ya' face!
oooh pretty ya' self!!

Also check the jury that this month spent there time looking at all the submissions to this issue at the bottom of the page!

~Zachary Hutchinson
Creator of Video! Video! Zine

Seventh Scents
by Alyx Harch & Tongyu Zhao

4min 19sec, Chicago Il, 2015    

"We love you. Explore the seventh sense with SEVENTH SCENTS.

A perfume commercial by Ha Ha Gallery (Alyx Harch + Tongyu Zhao).

Ha Ha Gallery is the collaborative project of artists Alyx Harch and Tongyu Zhao. Both artists focus on independent studio practices ranging from performance to painting and were joined together by the empty wall space between their studios. These artists saw potential in this unused space and the wall served as a platform for the beginning exploration of their collaborations. This piece is the very first video they made together, which also served as a jumping board for their installation/performance projects moving away from studio walls."

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by Ellen Nielsen

6min 22sec, Chicago Il, 2015    

"In a pink velvet expanse, a feral hairball gets brushed, trimmed, spritzed, doused, and decorated by the disembodied hands of a beautician. Combining saccharine and synthetic elements with botanical, animal, and bodily forms, this video pokes fun at both the naturalization of femininity as well as the feminization of nature."

Tuley Tude High
by Perry Hohlstein, music by Patsy

1min 43sec, New Orleans, LA, 2015   

"New for 2015 Music Video is New Orleans' coolest punk band Patsy (members of Mystic Inane, Rimjob, CCTV, Necro Hippies, Displeasure, Deny It, Swampass, Bitchface, Firebrand etc…) for their new 7" on Total Punk records. Video by Perry Hohlstein. "

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by Coral Short


" Working with the flamboyant excess that is gay aesthetic – the performance artist/ film maker has created a deeply personal moment for the audience with a humongous bouquet of flowers. Playing on the double meaning of the word "arrangement" the artist alludes to the unspoken and sometimes difficult arrangements we make interpersonally in queer community. This flowery performance unfolds a slow humorous bodily transformation which leads to a surprising and tender outcome. "

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by Jesse Clark

5min 41sec, Chicago IL, 2015    

"Limerence is an animation about a boy and a rose. Limerence is also a type of infatuation. The word describes a state of mind which results from a romantic attraction typically including compulsive thoughts and fantasies and a desire to form or maintain a relationship and have one's feelings reciprocated. Limerence, as opposed to love, relies on the mystification and abstraction of what is desired."

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by Sam Hultberg x Siobahn Schuck

1min 38sec, BK x LV x CHI, 2015    

"In parallel universes, two young boys cleanse of their sins and prepare their bodies for a life of purity. Jonathan relaxes in a leafy paradise, reveling in verdant bliss. Meanwhile, James cools off in a lovely pool of fresh h2o and PBR. Watch now, through a voyeuristic lens, as these two young men shed their woes."

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Honey Calcite
by Jonathan Leib

3min 17sec, Chicago, Il, 2015    

"Inner peace, crystals, bodily beauty. Rock as dude, dude as rock. Enjoy hunks of rock, let them give you inner peace and beautify your lifestyle. Our new age-y methods and men both lead with example and relax with hypnotic audio. Inner peace leads to outer beauty! Water! Nature! Aesthetics! Healing!"

dog hair bath
by Sally Lawton


01min 29sec, Chicago IL, 2014

   "Body vacuuming to a cover of the Jake and The Neverland Pirates theme song."

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by Jared Hutchinson

8min 13sec, Los Angeles CA, 2015    

"Fouryoungwomenperformmono- loguestheyhavewrittenregardingthe eponymousmoleculewhiletheyare endlesslyinundatedbyaninventoryof formsusedtocreateprofessionalvideo work.Asparklinglybittersweetmedita- tionontheartificialityoffilmmakingthat questionsidealssurrounding sincerityandauthorship."

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I Need Me
by M j Brotherton

4min 02sec, Los Angeles, CA, 2013    

"Monologue during a thunderstorm based on memorized lyrics of a Britney spears song."


Liz Cambron is a film and video maker based in the Midwest. She writes, directs, edits, shoots, collaborates, and protests. Her work bridges both fiction and non-fiction, centering/decentering gendered relationships, power systems, and the subjectivities produced by suffering. She refers to her current work as tiny poetic 'protests.’ Liz is also a member of the agitprop-punk band Cunt Storm.


Rachel Glass is a filmmaker from Albuquerque, New Mexico who documents the world around her with radical positivity.


Aaron Walker is an artist, organizer and sometimes-curator from Cincinnati, Ohio.


Soheila Azadi is an interdisciplinary visual artist based in Chicago and Iran. Azadi’s inspirations come from her experiences of being a woman while living under Theocracy. Now residing in the U.S. Azadi is dedicated to transnational feminism with a passionate devotion to the ways in which race, religion, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity intersect.