Zach Zone, November 2015

SO the jury did do a great job of picking the good stuff. BUT some of the work I really liked didn't make the cut so i thought i would just make a little nook of the site that's just for me to put the videos i liked! so here is 6 that didn't get selected by the jury that i wanted to show you!

~Zachary Hutchinson
Creator of Video! Video! Zine

Mother Monster
by Liz Cambron & Soheila Azadi/ Music by CUNT STORM

3min 18sec, Chicago IL, 2015    

"A monster is generally morally objectionable, physically or psychologically hideous, and/or a freak of nature. The root of ""monstrum"" is ""monere""—which does not only mean to warn, but also to instruct, and forms the basis of the modern English demonstrate. Thus, the monster is also a sign or instruction.
Mother Monster is the second installment in Liz Cambron and Soheila Azadi’s video triptych focusing on the femme and female monster. It is in collaboration with the band CUNT STORM and this particular video foregrounds the performativity of the body in a warm, dark, generative void."

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Carl and The Phantom Vibrations
by Ryan Lumley & Sam Grossinger/ Music by Sam Grossinger

3min 17sec, Colorado, 2015    

"A phantom takes a man by the name of Carl on a vision quest. 16mm hand painted film, and video manipulation. "

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Reggie's Rock Mysteries REVEALED – "Who Killed John Lennon?"
by Michael Zarowny, Weston Allen, Dorian Electra    

2min 55sec,Chicago IL, 2015

   "This week on Reggie's Rock Mysteries REVEALED, host Reggie Lightfoot takes us behind-the-scenes of the infamous murder of the King of Pop, John Lennon, and answers the question of who REALLY killed the legendary rock legend. "

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The Sound of Objects
by Aaron Walker

2min 47sec, Chicago IL, 2015    

"A cataloging and ordering of objects and their related sounds as narrated by Pierre Schaeffer, godfather of Musique Concrete."

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I Love My Sister
by Kelsey Megan Ellison/ Music by Blue Mug

4min 33sec, Chicago IL, 2015    

"While back home, my sister and I took a a day trip to the California coast. We spent time near some rocks, driving, and in the woods. It was a very good day. Here is my version of a home movie. Here is my version of a love song. Here is my version of a music video. When put together, here is my version of all the the love I have pouring out of my heart."

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by Eva Aguila & Brock Fansler (Experimental Half-Hour)/Music by Jason Urick

4min 39sec, Los Angeles CA, 2012    

"Jason Urick
I Love You Thrill Jockey Records
Produced and Directed by Eva Aguila & Brock Fansler
© 2012

Created with the intention of highlighting different parts of people's skin."

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sequestXpress (GTA dub)
by luigi

3min 15sec, Chicago IL, 2015    

"In 2013 I was living in Mexico City, working as a music journalist for and barely scraping by on sheer will and $15 checks for blurbs on the Latin American music and arts scene. I went there to get to know my extended family, to live and experience what it would have been like if my immediate family had never moved to the U.S. I stayed there for 2 years, and in that time death surrounded me. My grandfather died in The States, Mexico was seeing an increase in cartel and police violence, and one of my cousins had her car hijacked. She was kidnapped for a brief while and upon hearing her story, I was moved to react somehow. Creation is sometimes the only way to deal with the crazy shit in the world. So I invented luigi, my alternate, more real, and not so sub or altern, alterego. Shit's weird."

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Level 1
by LJ Frezza

5min, Chicago IL, 2015    

"A sound poem about labor. Featuring gameplay footage from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)."

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commuM.I.D.I. CAREoke (2nd iteration)
by Pastel Fractal

4min 59sec, Chicago IL, 2015    

"This Pastel Fractal original will be part of an upcoming EP and a series of live performances. The lyrics prompt is intended for all who care to sing. The missions stated are intended for all who care. The composition includes conflicting expressions of caring and submission."

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Clay Mind
by Michael Lopez/Music by Drose

3min 12sec, Chicago IL, 2015    

"A music video for Drose using found footage and footage of lines."

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