Zach Zone, October 2015

SO the jury did do a great job of picking the good stuff. BUT some of the work I really liked didn't make the cut so i thought i would just make a little nook of the site that's just for me to put the videos i liked! so here is 6 that didn't get selected by the jury that i wanted to show you!

~Zachary Hutchinson
Creator of Video! Video! Zine

by Jessica Pierotti

8min 34sec, Chicago IL, 2015    

"A video piece created during a stay alone in a hotel room. I was considering the private yet shared space, desire, shame, but most importantly whether it's ok that I touched every tissue in the box. "

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by Elliot Reed Laboratories

4min 47sec, 2015    

"DADDYISMS presents semi-fictional character "DaddyBaby" exploring the streets of New York City while surveilling passerby and interacting with his environment. DaddyBaby performs for the camera and speaks to it like a nonexistent obedient child. DaddyBaby is ageless. Over the course of one and a half weeks, DaddyBaby made numerous impromptu appearances, some of which are documented and shown here. "

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First Years (pt.1)
by Dyvil Mint


3min 36sec, Limburger, 2015

"my daddy(not my dad, someones elses dad, your dad) and me were coming close to our one year anniversary after a couple of months apart because of his business trip to asia and then my mom signed me up for a "nature retreat" in Montauk… anyway. So I made him a tape that I sent him before we would meet again. The day it was delivered I waited outside his house and watched him unwrap it, sit down on the couch in his robe and press play. Afterwards I left and went home. He called but I haven't seen him or the tape since."

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Daddy's Special Space Princess
by Unicole Unicron

1min 52sec, 2015    

"Mom's not an idiot so when money started disappearing and Dad started walking around with a dreamy look on his face, she kept her eyes out for clues. That’s when she found Dad's secret tape with uniporn from Daddy's Special Space Princess, Unicole Unicron. She knew she should be upset, but instead she became aroused. Afterwards, she too took on a dreamy appearance and started sending money to help fund the space princess's projects.

This is an advertisement for my new porn coming out: Uniporn, which will be distributed only on VHS."

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by Lily Feingold

2min 9sec, Western MA, 2015    

"id have secks if the boy was hott like Logan:)

all text found from a PCA themed message board that read as sinister at best. "

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Conference Call
by Bobby Swainhart & Kevin Carey

2min 57sec, Chicago IL, 2015    

"A bad day down at the office. Things are not going well for the boys working downtown, and today was a ball buster. An abstract executive error casts two men into a frenzy of phone calls and brainstorms.

'It spreads like blood in a swimming pool, till it occupies all the volume of the day. And then maybe some playful soul shows up with a bucketful of piranhas, dumps them in the pool, and right away they can taste the blood. They swim around looking for what's bleeding, but they don't find anything, all of them getting more and more crazy, till the craziness reaches a point. Which is when they begin to feed on each other.' ― Thomas Pynchon, Inherent Vice"

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