Zach Zone, September 2015

SO the jury did do a great job of picking the good stuff. BUT some of the work I really liked didn't make the cut so i thought i would just make a little nook of the site that's just for me to put the videos i liked! so here is 7 that didn't get selected by the jury that I wanted to show you!

~Zachary Hutchinson
Creator of Video! Video! Zine

by Kelsey Megan Ellison

1min 15sec, Chicago IL, 2015    

"This video was recorded in the bathroom of my first apartment. The bologna came in a pack of sixteen and cost me $5.28. As a child, I used to binge on bologna, eating packs at a time. The meat tastes salty and leaves a oily, cruddy feeling in my mouth. Like most good friends, I can look into a slice of bologna and see a reflection of myself."

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Good Bye
by Coral Short

3min 20sec, Montreal Canada, 2013    

"Goodbye is a homage to the dead Christmas trees of Brooklyn NY. It is a comment on capitalism through eco-sexual tenderness."

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Coloring Coorain: Promotion in the Ocean
by Coorain


7min 2sec, Chicago IL, 2014   

"Coloring Coorain is an experimental talk television show. Part reality television, part digital fantasy, part earnest attempt at fame, Coloring Coorain is a vision of a new world, the show is equal parts optimism and droll therapy. The show frequently features visual and performing artists, as well as cultural producers of all kinds talking about everything from important social issues to current trends to illness to popularity.

'Promotion in the Ocean' finds our hero, Coorain, at a scary crossroad- fade into obscurity or take on the terrifying task of promotion to sell herself and her work. When is it too much? When does it become harassment? What do you do when your livelihood depends on offering yourself up for evaluation to friends and strangers?"

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by Selden Paterson

1min, Chicago IL, 2012    

"The Dough-Not is an exclusive product of Beta Plus, Inc., and is an instrumental appliance in any modern kitchen. Beta Plus, Inc. is dedicated to creating forward-thinking home solutions and bringing you the best and most innovative lifestyle improvement products. Call today to reserve your Dough-Not at a one-time low price, or visit to see all of our fantastic products and upgrade your lifestyle."

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Love Story
by Allison Zuckerman

1min 28sec, Pennsylvania, 2015    

"Whoever said love was easy was a fool. Love wretches the heart, spits in one’s face, forgets to call, flirts with other women at the bar, holds you while you sleep, buys you Gatorade when hung over, if that’s not love, Tevya, then what is? Meet Allison, 38, single, living in New York, waiting for Mr. Right. Meet Best Buy. Everywhere, always, extremely popular, a people pleaser. Watch their love story unfold. Watch as these two passionate beings embark on a journey that will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat. Love Story. Within you, within me, within all of us. Sincerely, yours, Windows 95. "

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by Zach Hill

2min, Milwaukee WI, 2014    

"'Craving' is a site specific video that perverts humanities universal love of pizza through the collision of imagery and language."

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Mike Brady's School of Comedy
by Kenny Reed and Mike Brady

3min 26sec, Chicago IL, 2012    

"You want to learn how to be funny? What're you, gonna go to clown college? No, you're gonna talk to your good friend Mike Brady, he's gonna tell you what's what"