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I was really sold with these picks. The global market is going be squashed by them TBH. You get 11 (there is a even two for one deal in there) MOVING IMAGE WORKS FOR FREE! JUST SCROLL DOWN!

Also check the jury that this month spent there time looking at all the submissions to this issue at the bottom of the page!

~Zachary Hutchinson
Creator of Video! Video! Zine

I Land

by Jake Vogds 

3min 19sec, Chicago IL, 2014    

"Within this work, I dissect the inevitable relationship between the contemporary self and the self-as-tourist. Through accellerationist methodologies of consumerism and hedonism, I become the viewer, the audience, the tourist, the ‘other’ to my own body and work, as validated through the attraction of product. As a queer millennial white male split by the art, pop, and virtual worlds I exist within, I find it necessary to exhaust this notion of the tourist, the remixer; one who sifts through various cultures at their leisure, selecting their identities from the mesmerizing commodified variety readily available to them. We become divisible by the products we surround ourselves with, all fitting into the shopping cart, our checked luggage. The modes of speech within this durational work are derived from a remix of my personal archives of pop-performer vocalizations. This archive of riffing becomes a language I use to communicate with myself. Riffing, in its nature, feeds upon itself, takes that which it already is and exaggerates on top of it; it is the camp of song. The masturbatory artifice, a showing-off, as an uncanny mirror of the self’s interpretation of the self, a celebration. As tourists of ourselves, images, products, and the supposed other, we feel that we deserve the valuation of celebrities, isolated by our own mirrored experience via pop-culture and hyper-cyber-cultures. I am this mirror, this fractal of the self that re-questions the audience as audience. I call out to them like a Greek siren, I pose for images of myself with myself, I attempt to enter the limbo of viewing one’s self through commodity."

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Beer Reveiws 1-20

by Samuel H Goldstein

Various times, Chicago IL, 2015    

"Fight back your tears and knock back your beers as your host Samuel H Goldstein blows through 20 of his favorite brews, savoring hops, malt, barley, wheat, water, and of course, alcohol! Things are never as smooth as they seem, no matter how well-crafted, and Sam's stoic demeanor is no exception. Why does he drink when it pains him so? Why is he impelled to engage in this pleasurable pain? This series of videos not only explores cultural conventions surrounding alcohol and the world of craft brewing, it also exists as a document of internal conflict, a confrontation for both the artist and the viewer."

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Bad Baby Jizz

by SkidRowRadio


33sec, Nottingham England, 2012

"bUy tHe NeW pAteNtEd 'Antinatalism T-Shirt!'

in a world where everything is fucked and you're encouraged to fuck to create new people who will also get fucked, something's got to give. It's time to stop putting that bad baby jizz inside wombs, and start putting it all over a nice 'future proof' t-shirt, guaranteed to prevent the future suffering and exploitation of those potential-people inside your pants!"

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The Squat Squash Squad
by Holly Harrell

"Do you think you can carve a piece out of me and things will just be okay? You can't carve a smile into my face and expect me to be happy. You can try, but I won't feel any different. "It's the great pumpkin!" is that supposed to be a cute way of calling me fat? Do you think picking me from a patch is any different than getting me at Home Depot? Do you feel better about that? Small eyes and a big smile, I get it. You know what? All of that, I can deal with that… But when I saw you eat my brothers remnants from a can?! Now that, THAT, made me MAD. "

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Dear Starbux (excerpt)

by Christine Ferrera

2min 25sec, Baltimore MD, 2013    

"Dear Starbux is a performance based on a personal journal I have been keeping for 10 years. The inspiration for this project came at a time during which I felt lost as an artist in what I perceived as a vast, corporate dominated landscape. I was at a Starbucks store when I noticed their customer feedback cards reads, "We'd love to hear your thoughts…" Taking their invitation literally, I conceived of an endurance art project in which each day I jot down my ideas about life, love and art on a comment card and mail the original to Starbucks Customer Relations department. Sometimes, Starbucks writes back."

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Grocery World
by Cory Feder


25sec, Chicago IL, 2014    

"Everything is always nice in grocery world."

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by Paula Nacif

2min 27sec, Chicago IL, 2014    


Codename: "Columbus, Elroy, Tailgate, C1";
Color: Bondi Blue;
Processor: 233 MHz PowerPC G3 (750);
Cache: 64KB of L1 Cache and 512KB of L2 Backside Cache (1:2);
Front Side Bus: 66MHz;
Memory: Two slots of PC100 SDRAM (SO-DIMM): 32MB (Expandable to 348MB; 128MB supported by Apple);
Display: 13.8-inch shadow-mask CRT screen, with 1024×768 pixel resolution via internal DB-15 connector;
Graphics: ATI Rage Iic graphics processor with 2MB of SGRAM memory (expandable to 6MB of SGRAM memory);
Hard Drive: ATA-3 5400 rpm; 4GB (Up to 128 GB Hard Drive Supported);
Optical drive: 24X tray-loading CD-ROM drive;
Modem: Integrated 56k;
Operating System: Mac OS 8.1;
Maximum Operating System: Mac OS X 10.3.9, "Panther";
Weight: 38.1 pounds – 17.2 kilograms;
Dimensions: 15.8 x 15.2 x 17.6 inches / 40,1 x 38,6 x 44,7 centimeters;"

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by Esme Ogiyama


25sec, Chicago IL, 2014

"Do you feel weak? Do others see you as a pushover? Well you're in luck! With Shoulders!®, no shoulder-check will leave you with bruised dignity. People will eagerly step out of your way on the street. Women will fall for your Strong Silhouette. Masculinity needs protection. Call 1-800-STRONG-YOU now!"

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Gratia Plenum

5min 5sec, The Woods, 2015    

"SSTR's "Gratia Plenum" is a sort of show reel, from the time spent performing/creating their 2015 album, "Sex Worker". A visual retelling of sex work through the queer, though male presenting lens. Gratia Plenum, full of grace.

Video Collage/Show Reel/Original Footage
Alessandro Moreschi "Ave Maria", Original music by SSTR, YouTube Instructional audio on how to avoid the police when purchasing a hooker."

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Pay It No Mind #1 & #2
by Jared Maire & Derek Corns

6min 46sec, Minneapolis / Los Angeles, 2014

7min 22sec, Minneapolis / Los Angeles, 2014    

"Pay It No Mind is a series of work that creates a visual & oral history to revive queer pasts which have been erased through capitalism's normalization of lgbtq culture."


Isabelle Frances McGuire is a lone ranger with a thing for shoes, drone cameras, and stepping on things that get in her way!



Paul Smith is a performer, critic and curator in Chicago. He is co-director of cornerstore gallery chicago, a regular contributor to Newcity Art, and archivist at the Hans Ulrich Obrist Archive.


Jose Luis Benavides is a poet, music journalist and laptop rapper working towards video and performance art. Born and raised in Chicago he started in
the literary scene through the guidance of Young Chicago Authors and moved on to be a Teaching Artist for the National Museum of Mexican Art. He has written for, and New City. Listen to his ghetto goth mixtapes at



Amanda 'Oldphan' Sukenick, received a BFA & MFA from SAIC in 2007 & 2015 respectively. She started making Youtube videos In 2009, originally as a toy reviewer, & currently co-produces a public access, philosophy/variety TV show, Vloggerdome, and is now finishing her first movie, The EFIList.