Heather Lynn – Video! Video! TV, August 2015

Heather Lynn is a Chicago born artist. She is most well known in her hometown as a musician, performance artist, and gallery owner. Her experiences include helping run Riot Grrrl Press (distributing self-publications by young women), volunteering with organizations such as Olympia Aids Prevention Projects, Food Not Bombs, Girls Rock Chicago, and Books for Prisoners, co-creating Midwest Girl Fest in Chicago and Foxfire Convention in Olympia and leading workshops at the festivals on domestic violence, mental health, and self-publishing. Spending the last 20 years being in bands, political groups, art collectives, and dance companies.
;Over the past decade Heather Lynn has been regularly performing at events and locations all over Chicago including Hyde Park Art Center, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Pilsen Music Festival, Bottom Lounge, Girls Rock Chicago, The Metro, Version Fest, Garbage World Fest, Berlin, and many more. Lynn is known for creating large-scale, over the top, and elaborate works involving many performers while remaining in charge of every aspect of the performance. She is also known for unique collaborations, such as with her rock opera Templehead, a two year labor of lovethat started with a set and costumes built using only a glue gun and items found at thrift stores, dollar stores, and dumpsters in her neighborhood.
As a self-taught artist, Heather Lynn values the connection she makes with a performer above their technical proficiency. She is known for working with untrained or unexperienced performers, as long as they are willing to work hard. Audience members who approach Heather Lynn after a performance often end up being invited to participate in her next project. The blurred lines between stage and audience, talent and hard work, performance and ritual make her shows a unique and unforgettable experience.
Whatever Heather Lynn does, she is constantly shapeshifting, making up her own rules, and creating a world where anything is possible with hard work, obsession, and a glue gun.

Check out the preview of Lynn's new play, Genesis and Nemesis on her KickStarter