October 2015 Submissions; Dad's Secret Tape


Dads are bad men with a lots of secrets. Well not all Dads. But maybe you should just check out these creeps below yourself.

Also check the jury that this month spent there time looking at all the submissions to this issue at the bottom of the page!

~Zachary Hutchinson
Creator of Video! Video! Zine

  The EFIList Movie: Character Teaser: Baby Elephant
by Amanda "Oldphan" Sukenick
  33sec, Chicago IL, 2015  

"I think Daddy may have killed this poor baby elephants mother while on his trip to Africa, oh so many years ago... I discovered this video while digging through his closet right before the funeral, I'm glad that in death, the truth about what a monster he truly was can finally now be known.

No seriously though, this is the baby elephant scene from my soon to be completed movie, The EFIList. However it deserves to be said, many of my videos are often the sort of material that most people, if they were to make them at all, would sooner hide from view and make secret... I however have long thrown such caution to the wind, my entire archive, a catalogue of secrets made public... Dad can go fuck himself. "

For more info about Amanda "Oldphan" Sukenick visit Youtube.com/user/ForeverWolfFilms

by Caleb Yono
  5min 21sec, Chicago IL, 2013  

"I made this video my first semester of graduate school. There was a particularly aggressive pack of boys in the year ahead of me. TOM is a response to the force of misogyny and homophobia I observed and experienced in critiques and social structures while in graduate school. I like quick and dirty video projects like this, they generate an energy I could never plan for."

For more info about Caleb Yono visit Vimeo.com/139496998 or Instagram.com/CalebYono

  Daddy's Little Girl
by Kaycee Conaway & MJ Brotherton

2min 40sec, Los Angeles CA, 2015


"Daddy's got a little girl, a camera, and some good ideas to make him happy."

For more info about Kaycee Conaway visit Vimeo.com/user29083745 and for more info about MJ Brotherton visit Vimeo.com/MBrotherton

  The Feeling of Flow
by Mark McCloughan & Spencer Sheridan

  2min 13sec, Philadelphia PA, 2014  

"Everyday life too stressful? Workaday problems got you down? Do you feel the ultimate meaningless of existence in ways that prevent you from pursuing your short- and long-term goals?

Close your eyes and let Ms. Teena Geist lead you to a more perfect world, a world where everyone is beautiful and nothing hurts. This audiovisual guided meditation focuses on deep breathing, metaphysical thinness, and ego dissolution. "

For more info about Mark McCloughan visit MarkMcCloughan.com

  First Time
by Kayle Karbowski
  4min 35sec, Milwaukee WI, 2015  

"No one ever said it was easy, but everyone said it would be fun. Traumatizing, possibly. Memorable, definitely. It’s your first time, so just get it over with (they say).

'First Time' is a performative object study part of a larger project that questions the development of our sexualities and the cultural implications that surround it."

For more info about Kayle Karbowski visit KayleKarbowski.com

  Computer Love
by Laura Callier
  4min 45sec, Chicago IL, 2015  

"Computers need love too! This is a rough cut of "Computer Love," uploaded especially for the October issue of Video! Video! : Dad's Secret Tape

Computer Love seeks to explore the intimate relationships we develop with our computers. Maybe you've seen "Her" by Spike Jonze, which delves into the emotional relationship that can develop with technology. But what about a technological relationship based on more carnal desires? Today, it's not about your pleasure, it's about your laptop's pleasure. This is a rough draft of Computer Love, uploaded especially for Video! Video!

Music composed by Laura Callier at the Acre Sound Studio"

For more info about Laura Callier visit Gelset.bandcamp.com

  Hi Honey,
by Here
  2min 59sec, Chicago IL, 2011-13  

"Hi Honey,

Hi, Honey, I am interested in what Shannon Bell refers to as fast feminism and my video attempts to mash up sexual politics, cyber politics, identity politics and violent philosophy. How can we become feminist queer post pornographers, hyper masculinized, as in the hypermasculinist work of Paul Virilio, who theorizes that power is about being first and fastest? I work with ethos of what Bertold Brecht examined between high art/popular culture. Making Youtube videos as a "re-functioning" of theatre. To broadcast yourself is fast feminism, to "re-function" theatre to a new social use using the tools of performance, and video verite. I use single channel takes, and improvise rather that negotiate with an antiquated relationship to aesthetics. I prefer to be fast and furious and re-mix the homogenous gender codes on the fly.


For more info about Here visit Youtube.com/PinkAnxiety and Vimeo.com/SexualTheoryPractice/videos


Meet the Alpert Family Interview by my beautufl dautter Amanda great work honie
by Weston Getto Allen, Dorian Electra & Michael Zarowny


5min 57sec, Chicago IL, 2015


"MMy beautiful dautter Amanda has interviewd me Richard and my beutiful wife Rita who are the winners of the 2015 illinois State Lottetry for a school project Misses Hompstrums 8th grade class but once the project was finshed Amanda decided to throw this valuble tape in the trash but I being a great dad that i am decided to perserve this great treasure for futures to come by saving it and having a guy at work show me how to load it up onto Youtue.com. for the whole extended Alpert family to watch enjoy great job honie your mother and I love you both honie very proud of you"

For more info about Dorian Electra & Weston Getto Allen visit DorianandWeston.com


Online Selfie
by Cheryl Acuna

  6min 49sec, Chicago IL, 2014  

"LIVE CAM VID EXPLORES THE CONTEXT OF INTERNET SEX & ANONYMITY THRU POP CULTURE & LOLZ. This video wants to understand the perspectives of cam sex through various participants. It is concerned with gendered power & submission through anonymous platforms. It's easy to imagine your bf or ur dad on one side of the camera, eh? ;)"

For more info about Cheryl Acuna visit Chere.es

by Caleb Foss
  3min 36sec  

"Basic’s source material is a collection of institutional public domain films downloaded from the Prelinger Archive via Archive.org. Basic was made for a film school assignment that asked students “What was the shape of your face before you were born?” a question based on a zen koan. Basic collides images of disciplinary institutions with a shot of a look, lasting only a few frames in its source material, repurposed as a primal scene."





Paula Pinho Martins Nacif is an artist and organizer living in the mid(west)dle and working with digital media, performance and writing. Her work has been shown online and off. She has controlled crowds in Chicago, Illinois.


Jesse Clark makes animations and drawings combining his autobiography with early 2000s role-playing game aesthetic to create surreal personal narratives.



Nellie Kluz "I'm a non-fiction video-maker who likes documenating visual processes, social dynamics and small pleasures."



Rébecca Lavoie is a phd researcher and a film programmer. Her academic research examines how feminist and queer artistic practice works to carve out spaces within urban landscapes for community building. Her curatorial practice is informed by the idea that intersectionality ought to be thought of as a practice as well as a theoretical framework.