Molly Soda is an artist working across a variety of digital platforms such as videos, GIFS, zines, and tweets. Her work invokes insight on contemporary feminism, perversion, culture, and identity. She is currently based out of Detroit, but you can always find her on the Internet.

  #1 ALLI SIMPSON - Why I'm Single Remake Video
by Sabrina Vaz
  This video is reminiscent of the videos I made in my best friend’s basement growing up. We would dance to hits like “get low” by the Ying Yang Twins or “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce (ft. Jay Z). Although, our versions will filmed on Hi-8 or mini-DV, they never went online and weren’t really filmed with the intention of sharing. Imagine if you took all of your old childhood videos - the ones of you dancing to Spice Girls with your friends or one of you belting out some Christina Aguilera song - with the intention of putting them out there for the world to see? Perhaps that’s why I’m so obsessed with videos like these - I love the extra layer that gets added when you’re performing for the camera with the intention of making it public  
  #2 Björk Talking About TV
by Björk

“You shouldn’t let poets lie to you” is the most important sentence has ever been uttered. I think about it constantly. This is probably my most watched YouTube clip. I could listen to Björk talk forever. I could watch a video of Björk doing just about anything and I would be fascinated. Watch until the end and you’ll understand why it’s so important. I promise.

  #3 all you had to do was stay | jess + rory
by BonjourTele

I re-watch Gilmore Girls at least once a year, sometimes twice if I’m having a hard time. Nothing comforts me more than show - maybe because I grew up with it but it really just makes me feel warm all over. I am so glad videos like this one exist - I always watch them and think “someone made this” and it makes me really happy. Like someone spent so much time putting together their favorite clips because they mean something to them and that means something to me. also i’m FOREVER #teamjess even though he is kind of an emotionally distant asshole but i’m not gonna delve too deep into “my problems” right now

  #4 Je m'aime
by Megumi Satsu 薩 めぐみ
  I love Megumi Satsu. Everything about her just oozes coolness, her style, her music, this video in particular. I honestly feel cooler just watching it. I suddenly want it to be night time. I want to smoke a cigarette and look off into the distance. I want to go to a party and just stand there, looking completely uninterested but totally content.  
  #5 How To Get A Guy To Like You
By McKayla Jones
  I love advertisements disguised as YouTube videos. I’m constantly searching for things like “make him love you” and “how to fall in love” - not so much because I actually care about those thing but just to see what I’ll find. I’ve become fixated on the style of these videos or advertisements that prey on single, lonely women - they seem super personal but are just vague enough to leave you something more - it’s like, we’re always searching for this definitive answer that doesn’t exist.