August 2015 Submissions


With over 70 entries is was a TOUGH process for the jury but lookit the diversity! It is an amazing selection to start out the site and I can't wait to see what else is in store through these submissions!

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~Zachary Hutchinson
Creator of Video! Video! Zine

  The Confuserella Show AKA I Need a Shrink
by Ariel Jackson
  5min 13sec, Brooklyn NY, 2012  

"This video was screened on Manhattan Neighborhood Network's Public Access Television on Tuesday 10/18 at 8pm on Channel 34 as part of a group project led by the artist Mary Walling Blackburn.
My alter-ego Confuserella reaches out to the masses in attempts to understand racial issues on this planet. Since her arrival she's experienced struggle and without enough green she's unable to seek the therapy she needs hence why she is reaching out through Public Television and the Internet in hopes that people will explain why she must endure struggle based on her skintone."

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  Video Video
by Allison Zuckerman
  2min 5sec, PA USA, 2014  

"A love of the family dog is translated into free-associative story telling. Pacing is based on the author’s volatile attention span, sometimes consistent, other times unpredictable, always hyper linking. A kind of surrealism based in a culture of Internet absurdity. Commitment is called into question. Ridicule the patriarchy. Joy and regret."

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  Freak Shows
by Lily Feingold

7min 19sec, Philadelphia PA/Amherst MA, 2015


"'Freak Shows' is a video that focuses on disability representation by exploring the world of television, comparing popular media texts to historic freak shows. By inserting my body into familiar texts I hope to make viewers question media culture and how marginalized groups are represented."

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  Urban Onanism
by Jose Luis Benavides

  1min 32sec, Chicago IL, 2015  

"This video poem could be considered my first manifestations as a video artist. Its production marks my anxieties as a Chicago native watching working-class neighborhoods like Logan Square, where I grew up, rapidly gentrify with construction sites erected daily. Construction here itself acts as an erotic burial ground for the once lost single family, or in my case, multi-generational home and the simple, yellow brick apartment complex, paving the way for yuppy gayborhoods, modern, luxury condominiums and townhome projects resembling gated communities within the urban landscape. The work shows my obligations to represent and recall, lay to rest and worship the liminality of my queer, of color and artistic self, seduced and trapped between thesee erie plains of progress.
This video performance functions as a reclaiming act of graffiti where the private and the public collide in a subversive, and often deemed deviant, queer of color urban imaginary."

ghosts and men
empty space
makes me spin
fill in holes
with the new
hopping gates
with two dudes
hardhat trend
metal trace
forklift soul
crane in dates

mortar lust
for a man
face like bricks
fucks my hands
dirt streetlight
sat on two
twist to fit
solder trust
to the rich
pressed to make
a quick fix

costs a ton
to make them
from the old
to the Zen postmodern
cheap labor
cheaper tin
move them out
move them in hardwood floor
slide door sins

laugh at all
of you fools
walking past
packing tools
piss on nails
steal your screws
shit your boots
in the soot
by tractors
life brain tales
tend to trail

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  Cloud Down
by Cory Feder
  2min 55sec, Chicago IL, 2014  

"A short experimental stop motion featuring ghosts from the past and a painful rescue."

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by Isabelle McGuire
  5min, Chicago IL, 2015  


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by Chris Collins
  2min 42sec, Chicago IL, 2014  

"Stock photo giant Getty Images is notoriously aggressive in policing licenses to their images. A minor infraction (or false positive in their image tracking software) will trigger a barrage of threatening legal letters and invoices demanding exorbitant licensing fees and penalties. These demands have never been held up in court, leading many to call their tactics simply "speculative invoicing," an act of strong arming the unaware and defenseless, mafia-style, into "paying up." This experimental documentary (sourced from an online forum post and created entirely with unlicensed Getty Images) brings their questionable practices to life."

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The Ratio of Effort to Effect
by Scott Wolniak


1min 15sec, Chicago IL, 2010


"Large painting is delivered to a gallery."

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with innocent wide full gull eyes
by Brogan Drissell

  4min 36sec, Chicago IL, 2015  

"Intimacy modifies itself to take on subtle new forms with each passing youtube view. These views provide new systems of comfort, tucking spectators in at night ~ soothing the spirit. For better or worse, turning to the screen, face illuminated, our eyes glisten with a new found stillness."

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  In a Perfect Fever
by Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney
  8min 20sec, Chicago IL, 2014  

PASSWORD: perfectfever1

"In a Perfect Fever riffs on a ubiquitous trick in fim and television history, where the switching of a practical light — a light source within the frame — serves as a moment of conspiracy between filmmakers, characters, and audience, allowing drastic, even impossible changes to the scene while still functioning as a believable, diegetic moment. Unfurling like a dream, the video expands to consider recent psychological studies investigating empathy that find increased stress levels and shorter life spans for the individuals doing the caring.
How do we name the value of this costly connection?"

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Kaycee Conaway is a Chicago based video, drag, and performance artist. Her characters and alter egos are created from the desire for an identities that are ultimately unattainable, and often times remind others of Florida. There is truly no limit to Conaway's potential.


Sofia Moreno was born and raised in Coahuila, Mexico. In 1994 she immigrated to the United States, where she currently lives and works. Prior to moving to Chicago Moreno lived in Dallas, Texas. Sofia Moreno is a multimedia artist and her subjects include expressions of the sacred and profane, the body, sexuality, religion and socio-political issues within contemporary culture. Moreno is currently working on the follow up to her three-year project P o r n A g a i n.


Caleb Yono is an interdisciplinary artist working to mediate discursive signs and affects of identity, class, and sexuality through representations of bodies charged with queer potential and tendencies. Caleb’s installations of objects, paintings, videos, and performance generate theatrical ecologies of representation and expression; folding the illustrative and the somatic. He received his MFA in painting and drawing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicagoin 2015.



Ellen Nielsen is an interdisciplinary artist investigating femininity, artificial nature, and kitsch though video, sculpture, performance, and photography. She received her BFA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture from Maryland Institute College of Art and her MFA in Fiber and Material Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She lives and works in Chicago.